SAG Awards: The Fashions

I always find it interesting to see who wins the SAG awards since they’re voted on by fellow actors. I was a little bummed that Boardwalk Empire won best show and best actor, but to be fair I’ve never seen the show. It’s on my list, and I’m sure when I start watching I’ll realize it was a very well deserved win. But for now I’m disappointed that shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad and The Good Wife didn’t win instead.

On the flip side, I was happy Modern Family won best comedy. I would’ve liked to see Sofia Vergara win best actress, but for some reason she just isn’t getting the love for her role. Maybe next year…

But let’s move on to what really matters when it comes to award shows – the fashion! I had lots of opinions on just about every dress, but I’ve narrowed it down to my five favorites and least favorites.

My favorites, in no particular order:

Ariel Winter: I loved this dress! It was very age appropriate and fun – I loved the beaded top combined with the lace bottom. And of course the glittery shoes were a great touch. I wouldn’t usually go for so many textures combined, but in this case I thought it was great.

Sofia Vergara: I loved the color of this dress a lot! I also liked that it wasn’t a mermaid dress. Her Golden Globes dress was a beautiful color and had the potential to be perfect, except for the mermaid look. I was glad to see she stayed away from that tonight.

Emily Blunt: I have no idea why, but I was IN LOVE with the color of this dress. The bright green, to me, was perfect! I don’t think many people could pull it off, but I loved it on her.

Dianna Agron: Bold pinks were popular tonight, and I think Dianna’s dress was a great example of it. It was a simple dress, especially compared to her Golden Globes dress, but I thought it looked very nice on her.

Emma Stone: This girl has yet to fail me on a dress. This one looked great on her, and I loved the detail in the bust a lot. I think shorter dresses can sometimes be risky at shows like this, but she nailed it.

Honorable Mention: Jayma Mays: I say honorable mention, but really I loved this dress and just couldn’t leave it off the list. It was so sparkly! And I loved the lace on the back. They didn’t show her for too long on the E! red carpet show, so I didn’t get to look at this dress for as long as I would’ve liked, but I’m certain it was a winner!

My least favorites, in no particular order:

Ashlee Simpson: I wasn’t a fan of this. I think most of its problems were on the top half – the bust area didn’t seem to fit her too well, and I don’t understand what was happening with the tulle. I’m also not entirely sure why she was at the SAG Awards, but I suppose that’s not relevant in this case.

Rose Byrne: Jumpsuits are never a good idea, in my opinion. When I first saw her, I only saw the top of her outfit and thought it was really nice. Then I saw it was pants and immediately vetoed it. Perhaps if the bottom was a dress she would’ve been on my other list.

Kristen Wiig: Her dress was OK…simply, but not bad. It was that choker that ruined it. Who wears a dress that goes up to the neck AND adds a choker to it? Someone should’ve stopped her along the way.

Zoe Saldana: Zoe is gorgeous, so it’s always sad when she chooses a less than stellar dress. It looked like she was wearing a tank top underneath it…I wasn’t a fan.

Amber Riley: The bow was a problem. I think this dress would’ve been a lot nicer if that bow wasn’t so large and in charge. She’s already a chesty girl, so adding more bulk in that reason seemed excessive. I also didn’t care for her hairstyle either.

Since I don’t watch the Grammy’s, the next awards show is the Oscars at the end of February. It’ll be lacking in the TV stars department, but hopefully the movie stars will bring their A games when choosing dresses.

What did you think of the dresses tonight? Did any stand out to you?


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