Dexter Recap: “Sin of Omission”

Warning: Spoilers!

First, I want to start this post by acknowledging that Dexter got picked up for not one, but TWO more seasons! Of course that probably also means that no one close to him will figure out his secret for at least two more years.

This week’s episode started with Dexter trying to get back on his sister’s good side after she gave him one day off and he took five. She forgave him quickly but said it was because she needed his help with the Doomsday Killer case. They figured out that Gellar was working with a former student, which was a detail Dexter wanted to keep to himself. So to speed up his plan to kill Gellar, Dexter paid Travis a visit at work. Travis told him more information than I expected him to, but what he didn’t do was agree to help Dexter find Gellar. Later on, though, Dexter followed him to a diner and used a passage from the Bible to convince him to help. Travis said he wanted to get his sister safe first, though.

Meanwhile, the cops were visiting all the people on the list of possible accomplices. Deb went to Travis’ sister’s house, but he wasn’t home. While talking to his sister, Deb didn’t seem entirely convinced that Travis was innocent, but she also had nothing to base his guilt on. So she left. As she was getting in her car, Travis rode by on his bike but didn’t stop once he saw her gun and badge.

Not too long after that, Travis was at his sister’s school trying to find her, but instead he ran into Gellar. Gellar hit him on the head with a shovel after telling him they still had work to do. Cut to the next Doomsday Killer murder scene – the Whore of Babylon, featuring Travis’ sister. This confirmed to Deb and everyone else that Travis was the one working with Gellar, which means Dexter needs to hurry up if he wants to get to Gellar first.

Dexter found something at the scene that led him to a priest in a nursing home who has dementia. After confessing and being absolved of his sins, Dexter learned that the priest’s former church is now abandoned. He was certain this is Gellar’s hide out, and when he went to check it out he found Travis chained to the floor. Dexter tried to find Gellar, but he got away. Travis, upset that his sister was killed, not only agreed to help Dexter find Gellar, but he agreed to help him kill him. I’m beginning to think Gellar isn’t dead after all, but at the same time I won’t be convinced until I see him interact with someone other than Travis.

While all this was happening, Deb was trying desperately to get her brother to talk to her. She found his pen from the motel in Nebraska and figured out that he went to see Jonah on his days off. She was really upset about it, not so much because he went but because he lied to her. He sort of talked his way out of it, but he blew her off when she asked if they could get dinner later that night. Later, Deb went to see her therapist who told her that maybe she’s spending too much time talking about herself rather than about him. She decided to go to his apartment to cook dinner even though he told her he wasn’t free that night, which ended up turning into a big fight. I’m excited to see what comes of all this. At first, I thought it would result in her finding out he’s a killer. But now with two more seasons confirmed, I’m not so sure.

The team had another case – a hooker who overdosed on heroin. The blood report showed that someone else was there and tried to resuscitate her, but LaGuerta insisted they close the case. Deb was torn because LaGuerta is her boss, but at the same time this case still needed to be investigated. Deb talked to LaGuerta, who told her their solve rate is so low that they need to close this, and she ordered that Deb listen. Deb said fine, and then LaGuerta made a mysterious phone call to someone to let him/her know that it was taken care of. I wonder who she’s protecting, but more importantly I hope she gets exposed and fired because I am so over her character.

A couple less noteworthy subplots of the week: Batista seems to have messed up Jamie’s relationship with Masuka’s intern by telling him she’s playing the field and dating multiple people. I assume this will work itself out quickly.

Even though Quinn and Deb seem to have worked out their beef, he’s still very lonely and depressed. He was trying to find someone to go to a strip club with him, and finally he got Masuka. At the club, he proposed to a stripper even though she was trying to get away from him, and they ultimately had to leave. I’m not really sure what the significance of this subplot was, other than to show us that Quinn is still sad.


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