Dexter Recaps: “Just Let Go” and “Nebraska”

Warning: Spoilers

First and foremost, I’m sorry I missed writing a recap last week. I’m sure that was more difficult for me than it was for you. 🙂 But don’t worry – I’ve seen both episodes and am ready to discuss!

Last week was a doozy! I imagine if I had watched it on time and had the week to really think about what it could mean, I would’ve been much more shocked and confused. Still, though, a lot went down.

Brother Sam didn’t survive his shooting, unfortunately. I wasn’t quite done with his character, so I’m sad to see him go. He came out of his coma just long enough to confirm what Dexter already knew – Nick is the one who shot him. If you remember, Brother Sam had recently baptized Nick in the ocean and taken him in. Sam asked Dexter to pass a message to Nick saying he forgives him. Sam told Dexter he knows about his darkness but can see that there’s light in him as well and asked that he use that. I wonder if this means that he knows what Dexter does in his spare time…

Dexter seemed to really consider the forgiveness angle. He ran into Nick outside the hospital and asked him to take a walk with him so they could talk. Dexter told him he knew what he did and asked why. Nick said Brother Sam made promises he couldn’t keep so he wanted to get back in with his old crew. The only way to do that, though, was to prove his loyalty by killing Sam.

Just when it seemed like Dexter might actually let Nick live, Nick got a little too cocky about how he would get away with the murder because it would be his word against Dexter’s. Personally, I don’t see why that meant he wouldn’t get caught because I would think Dexter is more trustworthy to the police than an ex-con, but maybe that’s just me. It doesn’t matter anyway because Dexter tackled Nick into the ocean and drowned him right there.

The shocker of the week came as Dexter was walking out of the ocean and saw his brother, also known as the Ice Truck Killer, standing there. Clearly it was a ghost, but it was still a pretty epic moment.

Like I said, if I had watched this on time I would’ve had an entire week to think about what it could mean. But that wasn’t the case and I quickly learned that Brian’s ghost was taking over that of Harry to represent Dexter’s darkness.

The next episode started with Deb telling Dexter that the Trinity killer had struck again, this time killing his wife and daughter. His son, Jonah, fought him off and got away without being killed himself. Of course, this can’t be true since Dexter killed Trinity, but he wasn’t about to tell Deb that. Deb told him to take some time, so Dexter and Ghost Brian took a road trip to Nebraska to confront Jonah.

I had thought Jonah knew Dexter killed his dad, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Jonah stuck to his story with Dexter but later found him in his house looking for evidence. Jonah threatened to call the police while Dexter tore apart his story saying it just wasn’t possible that he killed his father. Dexter told him he knew for a fact that Trinity was not in that house and that Jonah had to have been the killer. Jonah asked if he knew that it couldn’t be Trinity because he killed him. Dexter said yes, and Jonah bolted.

While waiting to hear back from Jonah (I don’t know how he knew that would happen), Dexter discovered that the owner of the motel he was staying at had stolen his knives, forensic kit and a gun out of his car when he was patching a flat tire. He went back to the motel to get his stuff, but the owner held the gun on him and said he wanted $10,000 for the knives. Dexter stabbed him with a pitchfork instead, much to Brian’s happiness. After all, all Brian wants is for Dexter to kill people. He doesn’t care for the vetting process Dexter must go through first.

Jonah finally called and asked Dexter to meet him at the hardware store where he works. He lunged at Dexter with some sort of weapon, but Dexter overpowered him and held him down. Jonah told him to kill him, which made Dexter realize that he just wanted to be killed all along rather than kill Dexter himself.

It turns out that Jonah really didn’t kill his sister – she killed herself. Jonah said he should’ve gotten her away from their mother sooner because she blamed them for Trinity’s disappearance. She defended Trinity’s action and was still in love with him, and as a result she made life miserable for her kids. When Jonah saw that his sister ended that misery for herself, he killed his mother. This was enough of a reason for Dexter to let him go.

Dexter told Brian he was done with him and ran over him with his car. Of course that has no real repercussions for a ghost, but it was a strong message. On his drive back to Miami, he picked up a hitchhiker, which was really his father’s ghost, on the side of the road.

To quickly touch on some other storylines from the episodes – Deb found out that Quinn slept with a witness, which resulted in a drunken Quinn trying to pick a fight. Ultimately Quinn apologized for everything and they completely made up – even sharing a kiss. But it looks like it really is over between them. I hope that’s not the case, though. Deb also seems to be struggling with the fact that she isn’t really friends with Quinn, Batista and Masuka anymore since she’s now their boss. I still think she should demote herself because I liked her better as a detective, but I realize it can’t be as simple as that.

Travis ended up letting their latest victim go because he felt bad. He told Gellar he’s done with him and seems to have moved in with his sister. The victim was in the hospital and talked to the police about what happened to her. Based on what she was saying, it kind of sounds like Gellar might be alive after all, but I’m not sure.

Next week looks like there will be a lot of Travis/Dexter interaction, which I’m excited to see. I’d love to hear what you think is going to happen for the rest of the season! Let me know in the comments.


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