Castle Recap: “Cops and Robbers”

Warning: Spoilers

Ugh Beckett! If thinking the man you love just died in an explosion isn’t enough of a reason to admit you love him, I don’t know what is! Even though the Halloween episode was last week, there was certainly a fair amount of intensity in this episode!

Castle and his mother went to the bank because she wanted to get a loan to fix up her acting school and she wanted to do it independently of her wealthy son. While waiting, Castle noticed multiple people dressed as doctors with suspicious bulges in their jacket. He was on the phone with Beckett at the time and told her he thought the bank was about to be robbed, which it was. One of the robbers took his phone and talked to Beckett, who tried to convince him to call it off before it got any worse. That didn’t work, but the robber liked Beckett and refused to talk to any law enforcement person except her, much to the dismay of the lead person on the hostage negotiation team.

Castle, always the hero, promised everyone he would help get them out safely. He convinced the robbers to let the hostages use the bathroom, and on his way there he noticed they all seemed to be looking for someone inside a safe deposit box. He used his mother’s bracelet to reflect light and send a Morse code message to the cops outside with the number of the box they were looking at. This led Ryan and Esposito to the box’s owner’s apartment only to find her dead. More on that later.

One of the other hostages, a man named Sal, noticed on his walk to the bathroom that the robbers had explosives. Shortly after, he had a seizure and Castle found a medical bracelet on his arm saying he is epileptic. The robbers got on the phone with the cops and said they could send one medic in to take him to the hospital, but in exchange they wanted a getaway bus to arrive in the next 20 minutes. The bus was at least 35 minutes out, but they didn’t tell the robbers that. Beckett posed as the medic and Castle was able to slip her a note telling her about the explosives.

The robbers got back on the phone with her and she told them the bus needed another 20 minutes because it was stuck in traffic. They threatened to kill everyone if the bus didn’t arrive in two minutes. Beckett, who was told to remain calm and not threaten the robbers, did exactly the opposite. She told them that if they kill anyone she would march in there and shoot them in their heads. The robbers said fine, they’ll wait 20 minutes. Beckett was wondering why they didn’t ask for anything in return just as the bank exploded.

The cops went into the bank and found all the hostages safely locked in a vault unharmed. The look on Beckett’s face when she saw Castle wasn’t dead was priceless. This is what I meant when I said I don’t understand how she couldn’t tell him she loves him! I mean come on!!

The robbers didn’t get away, though. They found their exploded bodies in the rubble, which didn’t make any sense. Still investigating the murder of the owner of the safe deposit box, they learned she had one living relative who just so happened to be Sal, the epileptic hostage. They realized he hired the robbers and when he went to the bathroom, they must have handed him whatever he wanted from the box. It turns out he has a wife, who he used to beat, and a son. They faked their deaths, but he knew they were really alive somewhere. They had been sending the woman pictures, so he wanted to get into the box to find out where they were hiding out. The team traced them to a house in Ithaca and was able to save the boy just before Sal got away with him.

Alexis had been outside of the bank when Castle and Martha were inside and tried to call Ashley for support, but he wouldn’t take her call. Later that evening, Castle overheard her on the phone breaking up with him, saying he’s never there for her and she can’t take it anymore. I must say, I think I’m OK with this. I was kind of over that relationship anyway, especially since it seemed to make her stupid.

So I wonder what it’ll take for Beckett to finally admit she loves Castle, since clearly a near-death experience wasn’t the answer. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Castle Recap: “Cops and Robbers”

  1. I was so disappointed by Kate’s reaction. It was so underwhelming. I thought she should have at least hugged the man. And I was disappointed in Castle as well. You’d thik a near-death experience would have made him grow some balls, grab Beckett and kiss her already.
    I did think it would have happened if Castle’s mom hadn’t been there. I wrote about it on my blog:

  2. I was annoyed by his mom as well…she obviously knows they love each other so you’d think she could wait for one of the other cops to cut her handcuffs off instead of interrupting their moment.

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