Dexter Recap: “The Angel of Death”

Warning: Spoilers

Travis’ identity is no longer a secret – to Dexter, at least. After spotting him in the crowd at the murder scene last week and discovering a specific type of adhesive on the angel wings left on the victim, Dexter was able to figure out where Travis works. He works as an art restorer at a local museum, and Dexter was able to find his name on the museum’s website. Dexter looked Travis up and saw that he has no criminal history and not so much as a speeding ticket to his name. But, after searching his apartment, he discovered that Travis is definitely the Doomsday Killer.

In his apartment, Dexter found a bible that had page numbers in it like the ones they’ve found on the victims so far. In fact, the page numbers corresponding to those on the victims’ bodies were missing from Travis’ bible, so Dexter cut out a page to compare. It turned out to be a match, giving Dexter the proof he needed. He hid in Travis’ car one night and choked him when he got in the car. He told Travis to drive, but upon talking to him he learned that Travis hasn’t actually committed any of the murders, he’s just an accomplice. Dexter ended up letting him go for now. I still suspect that Gellar isn’t actually alive and Travis is, in fact, committing these murders alone, and I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before Dexter discovers that as well. Unless of course I’m way off base with that suspicion…

While Dexter was figuring out Travis’ identity, he was working with Gellar to kidnap a woman who would represent the “whore of Babylon” in their next killing. We didn’t actually see what happens with this woman yet, but she seems to be addressed in next week’s episode.

Quinn asked Deb for the engagement ring back so he could return it, and for the first time since their breakup he wasn’t hostile toward her. This is definitely a step in the right direction! I still kind of want them to get back together, but I’ll take civil for now.

Deb and Jamie got into a fight when Jamie saw murder scene pictures spread out in Harrison’s view. The fight seemed to be a breaking point for Deb in deciding that she needs to get her own place. She also had a session with a therapist to clear her from that bar shooting a few episodes ago. After pouring her heart out, the therapist confirmed she should get a place to call her own.

Anderson was called to a house by the beach for what looked like a double murder. He called Dexter to come, and they quickly figured out it was a murder-suicide between a husband and wife. Deb went by the house later with Anderson and made a deal with the landlord to rent the place for 75% of what he was renting it to the now dead couple. The landlord was eager to get a tenant, especially after the cops pointed out that he would be legally obligated to disclose the murder-suicide to prospective tenants. Anderson and Deb still seem to be kind of awkward with each other in a way that seems a little like sexual tension. But we learned this week that he’s married, so that could pose a problem in my theory that they start hooking up. Guess we’ll see, though!

Quinn and Batista went to Tallahassee to talk to Gellar’s former teaching assistant, Professor Porter. She insisted Gellar wasn’t the Doomsday Killer by saying he just likes to stir up trouble to make people think, not to actually kill people. She and Quinn ended up sleeping together, even though Batista warned him that she’s still a part of the investigation. When Batista went to pick Quinn up to go home, he saw that Porter had Gellar’s notebooks containing drawings that matched the murder scenes. I’m thinking the sleeping together thing is going to be a problem now.

Brother Sam and Dexter had a heart-to-heart one night over beers. I’ve decided I really like Brother Sam and I’m glad they’re friends. While I can’t imagine Dexter being of the religious persuasion, I do think that Sam has a sort of good influence on him and I’m curious to see where their relationship goes. But first Sam needs to survive, as he was shot in the final scene of this week’s episode. Based on the preview for next week, though, it seems like he might make it…although I can’t be sure. Hopefully he does because I don’t think we have enough answers on who he is yet.


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