The Mentalist Recap: “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brien?”

This week we finally got a look into the personal life of Lisbon by meeting one of her brothers, Tommy, and his teenage daughter, Annie. We could tell how long it had been since Lisbon saw them by the way that she insisted on calling Annie by her full name, Annabeth.

This week’s murder victim was the police chief who was found with three bullet wounds and her abandoned cruiser nearby. They only found one bullet casing and Jane quickly discovered that she hadn’t been the last person to drive her car because the seat was too far back. They found a pool of blood in the trunk and realized she must’ve been shot twice elsewhere, presumed dead and then shot one final time. A uniformed cop who seemed to be close with her helped the CBI with the case. I was a little suspicious of him at first because he seemed a bit too distraught and eager to help.

The CBI’s investigation managed to collide with a bounty hunter looking for his latest fugitive. The bounty hunter turned out to be Tommy, who had the unsolicited assistance of Annie. Lisbon spent basically the entire episode trying to get Tommy to quit this work, and at one point he even agreed to do so. He only said this, though, as a way to clone Lisbon’s phone and listen in on her calls about the case. Lisbon quickly figured this out, but by that point Jane knew who the killer was and used Tommy to help trap him.

The killer turned out to be Chad, the son of the owner of a day spa. Jane tricked him into believing that Tommy’s fugitive witnessed him murder the cop as well as another victim who was trying to buy drugs. Jane released the fugitive to Tommy and told him Annie was at the spa for the day, knowing that he would go there to get her. Then Lisbon called Chad and said a bounty hunter was coming with a fugitive and he needed to detain them until the CBI go there.

When Tommy arrived, Chad offered him money to drive the fugitive to Mexico and leave him there. Jane and Lisbon heard this and told him he’s under arrest, so he held a gun to Tommy’s head to try to get away. Annie, always eager to help, saw this happen and hit the fire alarm to distract Chad, which worked. It turns out Chad was a coke head who was dealing on the side, and the cop witnessed him in the middle of a deal with the second victim. She tried to reason with the other guy by saying his mom was worried about him, so Chad shot her and shot the other guy to cover his tracks. Clearly that didn’t go so well.

In the midst of the investigation, Cho got hit by a car was hospitalized. He was trying to get Tommy’s fugitive, but Tommy drove up and blocked his view for a second, causing Cho to run into oncoming traffic. There was also some Van Pelt-Rigsby awkwardness when Annie asked him if he’s in love with his girlfriend. Van Pelt pressed the issue later, but Rigsby said he didn’t want to think about love because that always causes people to get hurt. Obviously that was a stab and their relationship since we know he’s still in love with her. I know she needs time to recover from almost marrying a murderer, but I can’t wait for them to get back together.


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