Castle Recap: “Demons”

Warning: Spoilers

I’m still a little confused as to why the Halloween episode didn’t air on Halloween, especially since it’s a Monday. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining – and sometimes slightly creepy – hour of television.

The team was investigating the murder of a Jack Sinclair, the host of a popular ghost hunting show called Ghost Wranglers. He was in a haunted house in New York filming an episode of his show when he died, and Castle was certain a ghost killed him. This theory skyrocketed when Lanie pointed out the weirdness of the blood spatter – the splatter was all around the body but there should’ve been a clean area where the killer was standing.

They were filming when he was killed, but the video cut out just before anything could be seen. The team’s first suspect was a disgruntled cameraman who had the ability to set the cameras up to shut off at a specific time. He alibied out, though, further proving to Castle that it was a ghost. Beckett and Esposito weren’t convinced, but Ryan was open to the idea. The two of them went to talk to the last people who lived in the house, and they told the guys about a ghost hunter named Mercy who they called before ultimately leaving. Mercy was the name Jack said just before the cameras cut out, so she was the next stop for the team.

Mercy knew Jack because she had helped him realize that 20 years ago as a child he witnessed someone’s murder in that house. She encouraged him to visit the house to get closure on that experience. Before doing so, he hired a former convict to break into the house and take some pictures. The team found his fingerprints and believed he was the killer since he had a bad experience with Jack in the past (Jack embarrassed him on a previous episode of Ghost Wranglers). But, again, he alibied out.

Beckett and Castle talked to Detective Smith who worked the murder case from 20 years ago. He said it looked like the husband murdered the wife and then fled, but he sent his brother a postcard 15 years ago saying a demon did it and that he’s innocent. Later on, while talking to his mom, Castle realized that there was probably a secret compartment in the ceiling that the killer could’ve been hiding in, which would explain the lack of footprints in the blood. He went and told Beckett and insisted they check it out right away, even though it was dark and it’s a haunted house.

After some creepiness in the house, they found the secret alcove and passageway and followed it. They found a room with a magnetic field generator, which explains the lights going out and the cameras cutting off. They also found the dead body of the husband, which fell directly onto Castle and made him scream like a girl. The man has been dead for 20 years, which doesn’t make sense if he sent postcards 15 years ago. They discovered the man’s brother was engaged to his wife first so they decided he must be the killer. The set up a trap to catch him at the house when he went back for the body, but they actually discovered the killer was Detective Smith!

It turns out Smith was having a relationship with the wife but she wanted to leave him. He killed her, and then he killed her husband to cover his tracks. I guess when he found out about the Ghost Wrangler and knew he could ID him, he had to take him out too. Unfortunately for Castle the murderer wasn’t a ghost after all.

While the investigation was going on, Ryan and Esposito made plans to go on a double date with their respective lady friends. Ryan was worried it wouldn’t go well because Lanie would be moody after working a double shift, but the date was going great. That is, until Ryan made a toast that caused Jenny to ask when Lanie and Esposito were planning on getting married. It freaked them out, and later Esposito told Ryan that he and Lanie decided to cool their relationship for awhile. I really REALLY like them together, so I hope this isn’t a permanent cool-off.

Also on the relationship front, Alexis was constantly rearranging her schedule to make time for Skype dates with Ashley. Castle told her that she shouldn’t always be available for him because she needs to have a life too, and after waiting for him to call for a couple hours she decided to take his advice and go to a party. I wonder if their relationship will last, especially with her not going to Stanford.

Next week’s episode looks like Castle is going to be among the hostages in a bank robbery. The preview looks like it doesn’t go so well, but I’m sure Castle manages to charm his way out of trouble (hopefully…)


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