Dexter Recap: “A Horse of a Different Color”

Warning: Spoilers!

The murder scene involving horses that has been teased every week this season was finally front and center this week. It looks like Deb hired the transfer detective from Chicago who she interviewed last week because he was at the crime scene and had a good theory about the meaning behind the theatrical set-up. It was a four horsemen of the apocalypse thing, which ultimately led the team to their prime suspect, Professor Gellar. They also found slips of paper both of the victims with numbers on them, supposedly counting down to the end of the world.

Deb had to lead a press conference as part of her new lieutenant role, and LaGuerta seemed to befriend her beforehand by loaning her a necklace and telling her just to be herself. She said Deb isn’t a formal person so reading a formal statement would seem insincere, which is true but I couldn’t help but think she was trying to sabotage her. Anderson, the new detective, also gave Deb some advice before her conference by telling her to dress more professionally. He said her regular clothes make her look like she’s going to a hoe-down. I don’t know this new detective, but I think I’m going to really like him.

At the press conference Deb was clearly uncomfortable, especially when the reporter asked her about a connection between the two murders. She hesitated to answer but ultimately relaxed and gave out a lot of information and threw in an F bomb for good measure. Everyone, including me, was certain she messed up – LaGuerta was even smiling to herself off to the side – but Matthews told her the public loved her. I’m glad it worked out that way because I don’t want LaGuerta to get any satisfaction out of Deb’s mistakes.

Travis and Professor Gellar went out to a restaurant where Travis was transfixed by a waitress. Gellar told him he can ask her out if he wants, just as long as he’s willing to suffer the consequences God gives him. Later we saw that they did go out to dinner and then back to her place, where Gellar was hiding and watching. The next morning Travis woke up to find the girl tied up in the kitchen with Gellar standing next to her. Travis tried to untie her, but Gellar told him this is how it has to be, and so he backed off.

Next time we saw her she was hanging in a guillotine-type contraption dressed as an angel, but she wasn’t dead. Deb noticed a booby trap and tried to stop a uniformed cop from triggering it, but it was too late. The girl’s next snapped and she bled out instantly. I can’t imagine this is a good thing for Miami Metro, but they haven’t addressed that yet. Dexter saw Travis standing at the scene admiring all the locusts that were released. The look on Travis’ face was definitely that of a guilty person, which Dexter also noticed. I’m glad they’ve come across each other; it should make for an interesting second two-thirds of the season.

Harrison fell ill while all of this was going on, and he eventually ended up in the hospital with an appendix that was about to burst. Brother Sam came by to support Dexter, who ended up actually praying to God for his son to be ok. Harrison was ultimately fine, thankfully. Earlier in the episode when Batista and Quinn were going around questioning people, they took a break and smoked a joint in the car. It was kind of funny to see them stoned, especially when they were in the police station eating tons of junk food. Masuka also found out that Ryan stole the Ice Truck Killer evidence when someone called him saying he saw the arm online and wanted to know if it was real before he bid on it. Masuka was angry and said he should’ve known she wasn’t really into him and was only using him. She said she really does like him, but Masuka told her to leave. Way to stand your ground, Masuka!!

I’ve been working on a theory so far this season, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it because I’ve heard other people mention it online. I think Professor Gellar might not actually be alive. I think he’s a figment of Travis’ imagination. If you think about it, we’ve never seen Gellar interact with anyone other than Travis. At the restaurant this week he didn’t have a coffee cup in front of him and the waitress didn’t acknowledge him. In the girl’s house when she was tied up, she paid no attention to Gellar when he was standing right next to her. I think Travis must have tied her up himself during some sort of blackout and didn’t realize he did it. It’s a working theory, but I feel pretty strongly about it. What do you think?


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