This Week on TV

Parenthood: “Tales from the Luncheonette”

Parenthood never disappoints and this week was no different. Kristina is home taking care of baby Nora while Adam is busy trying to get his record studio with Crosby up and running. This leads to chaos at home – the house is a mess, dinner isn’t getting cooked, and poor Hattie has no one to read her college essay. On the other hand, Adam and Crosby got a call from Cee-Lo saying he wanted to record at their studio. Cee-Lo was unhappy with all of the takes, which caused a lot of tension between Adam and Crosby. They feared they had lost their first customer.

The other half of the family was dealing with some much deeper issues: Seth’s alcoholism and Julia and Joel’s adoption. Sarah is determined to get him help because as much as she hates Seth and what he does to their children, she knows he is family; what happens to him matters. Seth can’t get into the free rehab so she goes to her parents for money. Zeke refuses to help, so Sarah turns to Julia. Meanwhile Zeke also had quite an opinion on Julia and Joel’s adoption. He thinks it’s a terrible idea. Zeke, Camille, Sarah, Julia and Joel are eating dinner together and Joel unknowingly brings up the money to Sarah. Zeke realizes what happened and freaks out, but Joel stands up to him and says to stay out of both situations because these are decisions they’ve made as a family. Love him!

Gossip Girl: “Memoirs of an Invisible Dan”

Dan’s book came out this week and people were NOT happy with his portrayals of them. Granted this book is meant to be a work of fiction, Dan’s family and friends couldn’t help but take things personally. Serena lost an important meeting, Blair and the Prince got into a big fight and Rufus is deeply hurt. This show makes me a little crazy because if they all stopped and thought about it for a second, they would realize that even Dan made himself look bad. It was nothing against his family or friends; he just wanted the story to be as interesting as possible. I’m sure they will get over it eventually, but their reaction was over the top.

In an interesting turn of events, Nate’s new boss Diana has discovered Charlie’s secret and hired her to help dig up some scandals on the Upper East Side, in the hopes of ousting Gossip Girl. It’s only a matter of time before Diana outs Charlie for who she really is.

Hart of Dixie: “In Havoc and in Heat”

One of my favorite new shows of the fall season is Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson is great as Zoe and I love watching her interact with the cute boys on the show – they all have such good chemistry. This week a heatwave hits Bluebell, which apparently makes everyone go crazy and lose inhibitions. Zoe considers hooking up with Wade, even steals condoms from her office, but eventually changes her mind at the last minute. Meanwhile, George’s parents come to town and give Lemon a hard time about everything. Lemon cooked a nice dinner, but George’s mom had cooked the same thing last week so they go out to eat. Of course, the restaurant they choose happens to be where Lavon and Didi are on their date. Lemon can’t handle watching Lavon with another girl and loses it. She goes off about how hard she worked to make this night perfect and storms out. Before the outburst, she also happens to ruin Lavon’s date. Lemon later makes her way over to Lavon’s house and they almost kiss, but Lemon fights the urge. And by the time the heat breaks, everything is back to normal. On a side note, I need Zoe and George or Zoe and Wade to get together already!

Revenge: “Guilt”

How good is this show? I was unsure at first, but it sucks you in. It really keeps getting better and better each week as the plot thickens and we get entangled in Emily’s web of revenge. This week Lydia is on to Emily and tries to bring her down. Lydia stops by Emily’s house to let her know that she will stop at nothing to get it back. Emily refuses to give it up and offers to send some things over to Lydia’s new place. Meanwhile, Nolan had planted a camera in Emily’s house and unknowingly she puts it in the box of things to give to Lydia.

The Grayson family has their own set of issues this week: Victoria finds out her husband has given Lydia $10 million, Victoria is to be honored for her work with the Victims United Outreach, which the Graysons developed after the plane crash they blamed on Emily’s dad, and Tyler has convinced Daniel that a little alcohol won’t hurt him.

We find out that Emily was catering in her spare time before moving to the Hamptons. Lydia finds a picture of her and Victoria and spots the familiar face in the background. Emily asks Nolan to take care of it and remove her name from her catering company’s

employee list. The company is apparently old school and has a hard copy that they fax to

Victoria also sends Frank to Lydia’s apartment to do some work of his own. Frank finds the speech Lydia was planning to read to introduce Victoria and it says some really bad things. He calls Victoria so she can take care of the situation. She makes nice with Lydia so she thinks they are on good terms again. She doesn’t say anything bad during the introduction, but is confronted by Victoria afterwards. She leaves in tears and comes home to find Frank in her house. They wrestle and fight for a while, when Lydia eventually gets away, she heads to the roof where she gets in an argument with Frank and ends up falling off the roof. Now if you remember, Nolan’s camera was sent to Lydia’s new apartment and catches the whole thing. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.Lydia’s house. Nolan tries to bit Lydia to it and heads to her apartment.

Hawaii Five-0: “Ma`ema`e”

The rebellious Kono storyline FINALLY came to a head this week! She has been getting on my nerves all season with her bitchy attitude. But, when Five-0’s murder case collided with Kono’s “work” with Frank Delano and company, things took a turn. Chin hadn’t told anyone else about Kono working with them, or about how she hacked into the HPD database with his username because he was waiting to see if things got worse. Well, they did. Chin and Lori were waiting in the hotel room of someone who was in danger when a hitman came to the door. When he saw Five-0, he ran back to his getaway car, which was being driven by none other than Kono!

Chin finally told Steve what was going on, and after some yelling they traced Kono down through her cellphone and arrested her. Turns out she’s been under cover for Internal Affairs trying to make a case against Frank. I’m still annoyed at how snotty she’s been all season, but I know she was only doing it to protect Five-0. By the end of the episode everyone was working together to take Frank down, which ultimately they did. I can’t tell if this means Kono has her badge back, but if so, what does that mean for Lori?

How I Met Your Mother: “Mystery vs. History”

Ted met a woman at the bar and asked her out on a date. Upon hearing how easy it was for him to get the date, the gang decided there must be something wrong with her. Barney and Robin have gotten into the habit of looking up Ted’s date online and finding all the skeletons in their closets, effectively ruining all of his dates. So this time he said he doesn’t want to Google her beforehand. Again, when they heard she was on board with that they decided something REALLY must be wrong with her, but Ted held his ground.

Elsewhere, Marshall and Lily recruited Barney, Robin and Kevin (Kal Penn) to help them paint the baby’s nursery. Since they don’t want to know what they’re having, they opted for quite a bright shade of yellow. Instead of painting, Barney and Robin looked up Ted’s date anyway and discovered her secret, which was that she had accomplished an insane amount of things (saved a baby, became a millionaire, climbed a mountain, etc.). They ended up texting Ted to tell him, which made his already awkward date even more awkward. She ended up leaving because he was so intimidated, which was unfortunate because she was a catch!

Kevin, unable to keep quiet on the insanity of Robin’s friends, ended up blurting out his psychological assessments of all of them. Robin was angry, but everyone forgave him when he volunteered to paint the entire nursery himself. Marshall and Lily had a moment of weakness and decided to look at the note from their doctor that said the sex of their baby, but ultimately decided against it. Barney and Robin looked at the note, but then Marshall threw it out the window. However, it turns out Ted stepped on it on his way upstairs, and Marshall saw it on the bottom of his shoe when he sat down. They’re having a boy!


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