Castle Recap: “Eye of the Beholder”

After the lack of Caskett sexual tension in last week’s episode, we were given a double dose of it this week! There’s something about a jealous Beckett that I just can’t get enough of.

This week’s case focused on a $50 million dollar piece of art called the Fist of Capitalism, which was stolen from a museum. Well, actually, it focused on the murder that happened as a result of a theft, but the piece of art was an important factor. The museum’s insurance investigator, Serena Kaye, offered her services to help solve the case because she wanted her 1% finder’s fee. Beckett turned her down, but the captain overruled her so Serena was on the team.

Serena and Castle were clearly attracted to each other, and Beckett was clearly not a fan of that. She told her therapist that it’s because he’s supposed to be her partner and on her team, not on the random woman’s team. Which, roughly translated, means she’s totally in love with Castle. Their investigation led them to suspect Serena as the murderer, so to give Beckett and Esposito time to search Serena’s hotel room, Beckett told Castle to take her out on a date. He tried to keep her out of her room, but Serena insisted they skip dessert and head up there. In an effort to keep her from seeing Beckett and Esposito leaving her room, Castle started kissing her which did not make Beckett happy. They arrested her for theft and murder, but she didn’t do it. Serena even called her out and said she knows Beckett has good instincts but isn’t listening to them for some reason.

The murderer turned out to be the owner of the art. She was trying to steal it so her husband wouldn’t get it in the divorce, but the guy she killed walked in on her mid-theft. What she didn’t know was that her husband didn’t even want the statue, so really she killed someone for no reason. After the case, Beckett and Serena seemed to be friendly. Beckett, wanting Serena to know what kind of person she was dealing with, even told her that Castle never suspected her of the crime. But when Castle asked her out on a real date, she turned him down saying she doesn’t steal things that belong to other people. We can add her to the list of people who Beckett isn’t fooling by refusing to acknowledge her love for Castle.

Aside from the case, there were a couple notable absences this week: Lanie and Alexis. I missed the Lanie-Esposito scenes, so hopefully they’ll have some of those next week. I also missed the Alexis-Castle moments, but I guess every episode can’t have everything 🙂


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