Dexter Recap: “Smokey and the Bandit”

Warning: Spoilers

Deb started her job as lieutenant, and her first order of business was to find a detective to replace her. LaGuerta gave her two cents on who they should hire without really letting Deb have an opinion. I was glad to see Batista is still being supportive of Deb’s new role, especially when he called her to tell her not to let LaGuerta shove ideas down her throat. That woman is seriously vile and I’m not sure I could dislike her any more if I tried.

Batista’s supportive moment came after Quinn was dropped off late to a crime scene by a woman whose classiness was debatable. After Batista learned that Quinn and Deb broke up, Quinn called him Mrs. LaGuerta and told him he’s too nice and allows people to walk all over him – including Deb who stole his job. This worried me because while Batista said it wasn’t his job to begin with, I was afraid he might let that get into his head and start hating Deb, especially since he almost punched Quinn in the face. So far that hasn’t happened, though.

Deb led her first meeting as lieutenant, which was ok for the most part. Quinn gave a suggestion that Deb vetoed, and of course LaGuerta popped up to say she agreed with Quinn. Seeing Quinn’s obnoxious little grin after LaGuerta sided with him made me cringe. The Quinn I know doesn’t like LaGuerta and now suddenly they look like co-conspirators (even though, so far, they aren’t).

And that brings me to Quinn’s doucheyness. I get that he’s hurt, but he is being such a baby. Deb pulled him aside to see how he’s doing and he told her he packed her stuff and left it by a bag of manure in the garage. Really? That’s just petty. Deb tried to tell him that her promotion had nothing to do with her rejecting his proposal, and I’m kind of surprised he refuses to believe that. They were dating for about a year, so he has to know her well enough to understand that marriage wasn’t a top priority for her. We saw Quinn having sex with some woman (maybe the same woman from the car?) at the end of the episode and he looked thoroughly bored. He needs to stop with the self pity and get back to being a detective. In the clip from next week it looks like Deb is walking into a dangerous situation and Quinn tries to stop her, so I’m hoping some maturity on his part comes from that and they can be able to work together like adults. Who knows, maybe they can even get back together. I kinda liked them as a couple, and clearly without her he’s just an ass.

Deb’s first day as lieutenant started out rocky, but by the end she seemed to gain back some control. She stood up to LaGuerta about the new hire and insisted they interview the transfer from Chicago that LaGuerta wanted no part of. When he arrived he thought Deb was playing some trick on him and that she was a nobody who should fetch him some coffee. Potty mouth Deb came out and told him she stuck her neck out for him and could change her mind at any moment, leaving him to work as a security guard. That seemed to wake him up and it looks like he gets the job since he’s in the scenes from next week. Of course LaGuerta told her not to expect her support if it goes wrong, but really, when has Deb ever had her support?

There was also Dexter’s hunt of the week. The murder scene they found at the beginning turned out to be the act of a serial killer named The Tooth Fairy who was big in the 80s. Of course Miami Metro will probably never make that connection, so Dexter was free to find justice on his own. He went looking for a suspect at a nearby retirement home and found an ornery old man who seemed like the guy. After spending the day chauffeuring him around and picking up his prescriptions and porno magazines, Dexter found the man’s kill trophies – lateral incisors from each of his victims. The old man was on to him, though, and called him back so he could hold him at gunpoint. Dexter, in his newly repaired car, crashed into a fence so he could distract the guy and tranquilize him. The old man never stood a chance, but he gets some points for trying, I guess. Instead of chopping him up and “burying him at sea,” Dexter suffocated him and let the paramedics take care of disposal.

Brother Sam only had a minor appearance this week, but it involved inviting Dexter and Harrison to church services and a baptism. It looks like we’ll see more of that next week. Travis and Professor Gellar were still holding the hiker they kidnapped last week hostage. Apparently he needed to be pure before they could kill him, which meant he needed to repent for his sins. This gave him plenty of time to rip himself free from the floor he was chained to, but he didn’t make it too far. The episode ended with the creepy mannequins from last week riding around on horses. It looks like each mannequin has a piece of the hiker attached to it as well, giving it some added creepiness. As with the baptism, it looks like we’ll see more of this next week as well.

And finally, Masuka brought some Ice Truck Killer evidence to his lab area to show intern Ryan (a girl, not a guy). He also got up the nerve to ask her out and was very surprised when she said yes. But before they left, she stole an arm from the evidence box and put it in her purse. I can’t imagine that’ll end well, and I’m afraid it’ll come down on Masuka since he’s the one who checked out the evidence.

So what did you think of this episode? Did LaGuerta and Quinn annoy you as much as they annoyed me?


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