This Week on TV

Modern Family: “Hit and Run”

Claire decided to run for city council, leaving Phil in charge of the kids. He punched Luke in the face and gave Alex drowsy medicine when she needed to study for a test, so Claire ultimately decided she shouldn’t leave him alone with the kids. Hayley also managed to lose $900 of other people’s money who had paid for fake IDs, but Jay was determined to help her out of the pickle (more on that in a minute) Mitch and Cam got into a fight about Cam’s aggressiveness, such as getting into fights with other fathers in movie theaters and trying to chase down hit and run drivers. Mitch ended up being the aggressive one, though, when he went with Jay, Phil and Cam to get Hayley’s $900 back.

How I Met Your Mother: “Field Trip”

Robin’s therapist, Kevin, told her he can’t see her anymore because he thinks she’s cute and it wouldn’t be ethical to continue treating her. After saying he can’t date her either, they spent a week sitting next to each other at a diner for breakfast before they decided they should just go out already. The gang all think it’s weird for her to date her therapist, and when it came time to actually hook up, they decided it was weird too. Later, Robin showed up at Kevin’s office and said she was going to be his therapist as a way to even the playing field. He vented about his mother and she told him she can’t be his therapist anymore because she thinks he’s cute. I like them together, so I hope they don’t break up.

Marshall discovered his new boss, Garrison Cootes, is no longer the go-getter environment saver he used to be. Marshall was shocked when Garrison accepted a settlement offer that was insanely low, so he said he would reject the offer himself if he had to. Apparently that’s all Garrison needed because he brought his A-game to that meeting, much to Marshall’s relief.

Barney decided Nora must be no younger than 37 because she doesn’t like Ewoks. There was some logic behind that, but I won’t get into it. It turned out she only recently saw the Star Wars movies, thus negating his logic and proving that she is, indeed, 29. So as far as Barney is concerned she still has one good year left.

Ted attempted to take his Intro to Architecture class on a field trip to the build site of the building he designed, but the construction workers wouldn’t let them in. He then proceeded to drag his class all over the city showing them various architecture-related things. They picked up some German tourists along the way, and Barney and Ted used this diverse focus group to settle some long standing arguments (one of those being whether Edward James Olmos’ name is Edward or Jacob).

Suburgatory: “The Chatterer”

George learned that his meddling neighbor, Sheila, has been making Tessa’s lunches for her. He decided to join the PTA so he could be more involved, but Sheila didn’t like what he had to say and tried to kick him out. That didn’t work because the other wives liked getting advice from him on what their husbands’ actions mean, and he ended up becoming the PTA leader. When Tessa pointed out that he was wearing mom jeans, he decided it was time to give the job back to Sheila. Elsewhere, Tessa joined the school paper and assisted Malik in making it more of a trashy tabloid than a news source. Tessa and Malik became popular as a result, much to Tessa’s disappointment as she enjoyed being able to hide in the bathroom stall unnoticed. After seeing the person Malik was becoming (he enjoyed his popularity), she convinced him that they needed to go back to reporting real news.

Up All Night: “Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope”

Chris and Reagan joined a mommy and me class with baby Amy. Chris loved it and became quite popular in the group, but the other moms gave Reagan a hard time for putting work before her baby. She ended up getting into a fight with another mom, which got them kicked out of class. In the end she apologized and told Chris to go back to the class with Amy since he loves it so much, and she even became friends with the mean mom.


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