The Mentalist Recap: “Ring Around the Rosie”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the end of season 3, so if you haven’t seen it yet be warned! 

It took longer than expected, but I’m finally all caught up on The Mentalist! Let me backtrack for a second before I get into this week’s episode. Last season ended with a face off of sorts between Patrick and Red John (played by Bradley Whitford, who I love!). After Red John told Patrick things about his wife and child that only Red John would know (specifically, how they smelled the night he killed them), Patrick was certain it was him and killed him in the middle of the mall. This season picked up with Patrick in jail and the whole team disassembled/punished for letting Patrick kill a seemingly innocent man. It turns out that man was a kidnapper, so he wasn’t innocent, but Patrick realized it wasn’t Red John after all. One other major thing from last season: Van Pelt’s fiancé turned out to be Red John’s inside man at the CBI. He tried to kill her and Lisbon, so she shot him and killed him first.

Now the team seems to be back to normal – Jane’s out of jail, everyone is back together and Van Pelt doesn’t seem like a woman who recently killed the man she loves. This week’s episode was kind of different than usual in that it focused on someone who hadn’t yet murdered anyone. There was a murder victim in the episode, but his storyline was very much a tier two kind of thing. I think they ultimately found his killer – a homeless man – but they didn’t spend a whole lot of time going over it. Instead, Patrick was certain that a suspicious looking man he saw at a political rally was building up the courage to kill someone important. The man, Henry Tibbs, was played by Christian Camargo, who viewers may have recognized as Dexter Morgan’s older brother, Debra Morgan’s fiancé and the Ice Truck Killer from season one of Dexter. While his character on The Mentalist wasn’t nearly as creepy, he definitely wasn’t normal either.

The team also has a new boss, Luther Wainwright, who seems very young to be in charge. What I do like about him is that they didn’t make him completely unlikeable from the start – he let Patrick run with his theory on Henry, but still kept him on somewhat of a leash. While I can’t yet determine if Luther is a friend or a foe, I definitely don’t hate him. Ultimately Patrick was right about Henry, and the team caught him attempting to murder an entire party (thankfully they had switched his bullets with blanks when they searched his house earlier, or else few people would’ve survived). Luther told Patrick that after getting to know him better he has realized he’s a clinical psychopath and will adjust his own actions accordingly.

Some other highlights from the episode:

  • Simon Baker’s southern accent! I almost think it was better than his non-Southern American accent, but I can’t be sure of that
  • I love Cho and his dry sense of humor. When arresting Henry, he said “You’re under arrest for the attempted murder of….everyone.”
  • Van Pelt using her evil ex-fiancé story to build a rapport with Henry’s wife – I’m glad to see she’s not wallowing over it (not yet, at least)

I missed the Patrick-Lisbon dynamic this week since they didn’t spend too much time together, but the moment at the end when he offered her tea was sweet. Next week’s episode looks like it has the whole team working together again, so that’ll be good.

What did you think of this week’s episode? And, since I’ve just caught up, what did you think about the Patrick/Red John interaction??


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