Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, Part II

Part II of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event picks up right where we left off – Kim and Khloe are still fighting. In fact, they aren’t even talking to one another. Kim and Kourtney fly to NYC for Kim’s second dress fitting and Khloe is left at home… kind of sad, but necessary. I’m over Khloe’s BS.

And for a refreshing change, we see Kim visit Kris in Minnesota. People can say what they want about Kris Humphries and this wedding, but he brings Kim back down to Earth. This is the most normal we’ve ever seen Kim: her and Kris go grocery shopping, they hang out around the house, visit the local Boys and Girls club and even see Kris’s grandparents. Sometimes with all the crazy Kardashian drama and over the top behavior, you forget that they are regular people (with way too much money.)

The rest of the hour shows bits and pieces from other events leading up to the wedding, but I’m a little disappointed E! didn’t show more of the important things. I realize they want drama and viewers want drama, but only glimpses of the bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception were shown. These are the moments we’ve all been waiting to see!

Here is a quick rundown (since that’s all we got):

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Because of Khloe’s fight with Kim she doesn’t really want to go to the bachelorette party, but since it was her job to buy goodies, she sends Kris and Bruce to a sex store in her place. Poor Bruce is so uncomfortable; he even tries to wear a hat to disguise himself… because you know, the cameras and Kris wouldn’t have given him away. Once inside, Bruce loosens up a little bit, jokes around with Kris, etc.

Both parties are taking place in Vegas, but the guys and girls have completely separate things planned, including their transportation. Kris gets a little slack from the guys because they fly commercial. Big freaking deal. Once again this just shows you the kind of guy Kris is. Could he (or Kim) have afforded to fly everyone on a private jet? Of course! But it’s just not him.

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower takes place at Kris and Bruce’s house and all of Hollywood is there: Maria Menounos, Mel B., Rachael Ray, Serena Williams, Gastinaeu Girls, etc. We get to see every schmooze a little bit, but nothing really happens. On another note, I was excited for Georgetown Cupcake to be getting even more exposure on a national scale with the pretty pink boxes of cupcakes as favors for the guests.

And then the drama begins… Kris overhears Kim tell some of the girls that she wants to change her name to Humphries and FREAKS out. In the middle of the party, she pulls Kim into her office to yell at her about it. Completely insane! I don’t think the conversation needed to be had at that particular moment. Oh, but we’ll come back to this later.

On a side note, in between all of the wedding insanity we see the family attend Kendall and Kylie’s Cheer Camp competition. First, this explains where they’ve been for the entire wedding special. Second, I love that these girls are so normal in this crazy Kardashian world. Yes, they model in their spare time, but these girls go to a regular high school and go to camp like regular girls.

Rehearsal Dinner

In the days leading up to the wedding, the name change issue was a hot topic and caused quite a commotion at the rehearsal. Kris and Kim were barely talking by this point and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was pretty awkward for everyone involved. At the rehearsal dinner Kris and Kim didn’t even sit at the same table. But let me backtrack…

Mama Kris is convinced that Kim changing her name is a HORRIBLE business decision because of branded, and maybe she’s right, but why is it ok for Khloe and not Kim? Anyway, she comes up with a couple of fake “hump” slogans to show Kim why it’s a bad idea. They were all completely outrageous, but I think Kim got the hint. Later that night Kim brings this up to Kris and they get in a monster fight. Kris basically tells Kim all of the things viewers have been thinking for years: stop letting the family make decisions for her AND “four years ago you sold clothes out of a boutique in the valley!” Maybe a bit harsh, but SO true! These Kardashian girls tend to forget where they came from. When it’s time to sign the marriage license Kim second guesses herself, but ends up keeping Kardashian, upsetting Kris even more.

So that definitely explains the tension.

Wedding and Reception

To Kim’s request, Bruce drops off some of her dads clothes at the house. She has the brilliant and sweet idea to sew a piece of one of his shirts into each of her three(!) dresses. As expected, when Kim starts going through the old shirts, she loses it… and then I lose it. When Kim cries over not having her dad around, it finally clicks to Kris that she needs to keep that part of her, and gets over the name change.

Ahh and then the wedding finally arrives! Again, I was really hoping to see more of the big day, but what we did see was amazing:

  • In Kim’s over the top fashion, she wears three dresses throughout the night, each more gorgeous than the one before
  • Kris surprises Kim with a diamond bracelet
  • Kris is SO nervous!
  • Lamar walks Mama Kris down the aisle
  • I absolutely loved the bridesmaids’ dresses. I don’t necessarily like that they all wore white, but they were so pretty.
  • Mason steals the show, obviously, but almost causes Kourtney to trip down the aisle as she picks him up
  • Kris’s face when he sees Kim for the first time is so cute
  • Earlier in the show Bruce mentioned how he’s closer to his stepkids than his real kids, so its nice to see him with his children laughing, having a good time at the reception
  • Robin Thicke sings the song for the first dance. SO glad Kris vetoed Christina Aguilera!

And that was it in a nutshell. I really hope the marriage lasts – you never know in Hollywood. Next up, Kourtney and Kim Take New York!


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