Dexter Recap: “Once Upon a Time”

Warning: Spoilers

This week, we met Brother Sam (played by guest star, Mos), we saw more of Travis’ creepiness, Deb had two very surprising offers and we got our weekly fix of baby Harrison!

After drawing religious conclusions from last week’s murder victim, Miami Metro brought Brother Sam in for questioning. He’s an ex-con who owns a car shop staffed with other ex-cons because he believes in second chances. Dexter, not entirely convinced, decided to do some investigating of his own. He drove into a dumpster so he could go to the shop and get an estimate for the damage/chat up Brother Sam. Later that night, he followed Brother Sam to a house, heard a gunshot and watched Sam put a body in his trunk. Dexter followed him back to the body shop where a dog looked ready to eat his face before Sam saw him. Always quick to think on his feet, Dexter said he was there to get something he left in his car. It turns out that guy in Sam’s trunk wasn’t dead, and the shot was aimed at Sam. Some thugs came by to pick up their friend (the one from the trunk), but Dexter beat one up and threatened the rest by saying he’s with Miami Metro. I’m beginning to think Dexter and Brother Sam might become friends this season. But, to be fair, Dexter was also friends with Miguel, Trinity and Jordan Chase, and that didn’t end well for any of them.

Since Quinn’s marriage proposal was interrupted last week by a random shoot out, he decided to try again by making pancakes and leaving the ring in the fridge for Deb to find. She was caught off guard since they had never talked about marriage, so she told him she needed to think about it. While thinking, Matthews called her into the lieutenant’s office and told her he wanted her to take that position, saying she’s a hero after stopping the gunman in the restaurant. Deb wanted the position but didn’t want to take it away from Batista since he’s her mentor and has had his heart set on the position. She took him to coffee to talk to him about it, and while he looked stunned and hurt, he also told her that it’s a great opportunity and he supports her. Batista and Deb have always had a strong relationship, so I’m worried he doesn’t mean this and they’ll start butting heads. Deb decided to say no to Quinn – who took it really badly – and yes to the position. Everyone looked stunned when it was announced – I’m excited to see what it means for her and Quinn and for her and LaGuerta.

Travis (Colin Hanks) went to dinner at his sister’s house, much to the dismay of Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos). Gellar burned himself with a metal rod to show Travis the pain he caused him, and Travis promised never to see his sister again (extreme, in my opinion). They were also collecting mannequins, and based on the upcoming scenes they have some creepy plans for those as well. We haven’t really gotten a huge feel for these characters yet – I guess the mystery is a big part of who they are. I’m curious to find out what caused Travis to so loyally follow his professor and become a killer.

We got a look inside Dexter and Harrison’s nightly routine, complete with bath time, teeth brushing time and story time. Harrison can talk now, which is cute, but it also means he’s noticing some things Dexter is doing. Namely, he noticed “Daddy’s box” of blood slides. Dexter gave him his own box to hold toys in hoping that it’ll distract him from Dexter’s.

So what do you think of this season so far? Do you like the direction it seems to be taking?



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