Glee Recap: “Asian F”

Warning: Spoilers

Lots of people said this week’s episode was going to be the best one of the entire series, but I’m not so sure I agree with that. It was definitely better than last week’s, and there were tons of parts I loved, but I’m ready to call it the best ever.

Emma & Schue v. Her Parents

Schuester found Emma’s secret stash of wedding magazines, prompting a conversation about wanting to meet her parents. She insisted she didn’t want to rush things, so on the advice of Beiste he decided to invite them over for dinner himself. Turns out her parents are “ginger supremacists” – people who believe redheads should only “mate” with other redheads so they won’t become extinct (because apparently they’re their own species). Emma’s parents are the reason she has OCD, and their arrival caused her to revert back to her hardcore OCD ways. Emma and Schue shared a sweet moment near the end of the episode when he attempted to join her in a prayer to help her get better.

Mike Chang v. His Parents

Finally a Mike Chang-heavy episode! Mr. Chang paid the principle a visit after his son earned an Asian F (A-) on his chemistry test. His dad said he has too many distractions, including his vampire girlfriend, glee club, the school play and Booty Camp. Chang promised he would get a chemistry tutor if his dad gave him one more chance.

We also got to hear Chang’s first singing solo of the series during his audition for Riff in West Side Story. He had a bit of an internal struggle, complete with imaginary conversations with his dad and Tina, before deciding to audition – he didn’t want to let his parents down, but he also didn’t want to give up on his dreams. His audition was amazing! He even had what looked like the entire football team dancing backup for him. Later on, his mom caught him dancing in the studio at school and told him she gave up on her dreams and doesn’t want him to do the same. She said if he gets the part in the play, they’ll talk to Mr. Chang together. Chang asked her what dreams she had given up on, and she said she liked to dance like he does but was never allowed to get lessons. In probably the cutest moment of the episode, Chang and his mom started dancing. Awww!

Rachel v. Mercedes

Rachel and Mercedes both wanted the lead role of Maria in the school play. After witnessing them hug in the cafeteria, Mercedes’ boyfriend told her Rachel is the competition and not her friend right now. He told her she needs to see herself the way he sees her and for what she is, which is the better singer. She rocked her audition and Rachel, watching from side stage, looked worried and kind of hurt.

I have to say, I don’t love the Mercedes-is-a-diva storylines that Glee seems to always revert to. I can’t argue that she’s a fantastic singer, but I wish there was a way for her to get her point across without alienating everyone else. During Booty Camp, Mercedes flipped out on Schue telling him she’s tired of him putting her down and playing favorites with Rachel. As she stormed out, he told her if she leaves now she’s out of glee.

Beiste, Emma and Artie couldn’t decide which one should get the role, so they called the girls back for a second audition. Again, they both rocked it, so they decided to double cast the lead role. The play would have a two week run and each girl would get one week to be the lead. Mercedes said she’s tired of everyone being afraid to hurt Rachel’s feelings and she knew she was the better singer. She had too much pride to have any part of being double cast, so she gave the entire role to Rachel, who didn’t seem thrilled by her default win.

Brittany v. Kurt (v. Rachel?)

Brittany has become serious about her run for class president. She told Kurt that she organized a flash mob for girl power, basically taking all the female votes away from him. After her performance of Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce, it looks like she may now be in the lead to win.

After seeing Mercedes’ second audition for Maria, Rachel was worried she wouldn’t get the part and needed something else to put on her transcript for college. She talked to Beiste and decided to put her name in the race for class president as well, upsetting Kurt in the process. She told him she would make him her vice president if she won and asked that he do the same, but he told her that winning was just a transcript booster for her while it was actually important to him. He also told her that in 10 years when she looks back on high school, she won’t see the roles she did or didn’t get, she’ll see the friends she had and the ones she tossed aside. Ouch! But he’s right, and I think she needed to hear that.

West Side Story

West Side Story was fully cast by the end of the episode. Rachel got Maria, Blaine got the male lead role of Tony, Chang got Riff and Santana got Anita. Before it was announced, though, Kurt gave Blaine flowers to show he isn’t upset and knows that Blaine really deserves the role.

Songs of the Episode

After last week’s two-song episode, I was glad to hear a whopping SIX songs this week (and they weren’t all Broadway, either)!

Song 1: “Spotlight” – Mercedes

Song 2: “Run the World (Girls)” – Brittany

Song 3: “Cool” – Mike Chang

Song 4: “It’s All Over” – Mercedes & the majority of the glee club

Song 5: “Out Here on My Own” – Mercedes and Rachel

Song 6: “Fix You” – Schue

Later this Season

Sadly, this was the last new episode until Nov. 1, but they definitely left us with some teasers! While the upcoming scenes didn’t say much (they never do), they did suggest the possibility of an illicit romance between Puck and Shelby! The end of the this week’s episode also showed Mercedes leaving glee to join Shelby’s show choir, and it looks like she’ll try to convince some other people to join her.

So, what did you think – was it the best episode ever?


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