Season Premiere: Dexter

Warning: Spoilers!

Dexter is finally back! And it only took 293 days (not that I’ve been counting…). Season 6 jumped ahead a year, so Lumen is long gone, Deb and Quinn are still going strong, Harrison is getting ready for preschool and Dexter is on a roll with his killing.

LaGuerta and Batista are officially divorced but seem to be on good terms, as she got promoted to Captain and plans to recommend him for her Lieutenant position. The fact that he thinks his promotion is a given pretty much tells me it’s not going to happen. Masuka was convinced LaGuerta and Deputy Chief Matthews were having an affair, but in reality she secured her new position by blackmailing him. I think it’s safe to say LaGuerta hasn’t really earned anything she’s gotten in her career – after all, she only became Lieutenant because Dokes kept a secret. But I digress…

Dexter went to his 20th high school reunion, mostly to hunt down and kill a former classmate who killed his wife and staged it like a suicide. Dexter seemed to be the most popular guy at the reunion, which he used to his advantage to get close to the husband/killer so he could get a sample of his blood. For me, the highlight of the entire episode was Dexter saying “I have no idea what Hammertime is, or how it differs from regular time,” along with the accompanying Hammertime dance. Thankfully someone put it on YouTube so I can share it with you (see below) and watch it over and over and over. After an uncharacteristic moment of playing flag football, Dexter got the blood sample he needed.

We got a little tease of Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks’ characters. We don’t really know anything about them yet except that they’re insanely creepy. They killed a fruit stand owner and replaced his intestines with snakes, which was a visual I could’ve done without. I love Colin Hanks and have been looking forward to seeing him on the show since they announced it, but I can tell he’s going to be a character that I’ll strongly dislike.

Dexter and Deb took Harrison to his first preschool interview at a Catholic school. The religious aspect seemed to be a turn-off to Dexter at first, but he realized he wants his son to have a normal childhood so he reconsidered. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a religious upbringing, but I found that crucifix to be a bit overwhelming for a toddler. The Irish nanny from last season is also no longer in the picture and was replaced by Batista’s young and adorable sister. Dexter also bought the apartment next to his and connected them to create a mega apartment. At first I thought Batista’s sister lived there, but it doesn’t appear that she does.

Masuka is now a professor and had a group of students shadowing him while he decided who got to be his intern. He picked a guy for the internship – much to the shock of everyone since there was a hot girl among the group – but he fainted at the sight of the snakes (I can’t say I blame him), so I don’t expect he’ll last. Deb and Quinn are still together, and Quinn was all set to propose until he was interrupted by a random gunman in the restaurant. In the scenes from next week it doesn’t appear Deb is too excited about the proposal, and I can’t say I blame her after her last engagement ended in her nearly dying. But I guess we’ll see what happens.

Overall I liked the episode. I know the show got a lot of crap last season for not taking enough risks, and part of me hopes they do take more this season, but regardless I think it’s shaping up to be interesting. What did you think of the premiere?


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