This Week on TV

How I Met Your Mother

Barney spent the entire episode trying to see and/or feel Lily’s pregnancy boobs. After some trickery on everyone’s parts, Barney got a glimpse but not a feel. Ted told the gang about running into Victoria at the Architect’s Ball. Turns out she’s engaged to Claus, a man she started dating very soon after she and Ted broke up. She also told Ted that the reason none of his relationships have worked out is because he has leftover feelings for Robin and it’s not helpful that he sees her every day, along with her other ex, Barney. He admitted in his voiceover that he is still hung up on her, so I’m interested to see if a) he cuts all ties with her (doubtful), or b) my theory about Robin being the mother was right all along.

Hawaii Five-0

Five-0 got a new team member this week: Officer Loir Weston (played by Lauren German). McGarrett wasn’t too fond of her because she wasn’t his choice – the governor assigned her to the team to make sure they follow the rules. HPD brought on Internal Affairs Captain Vince Fryer (Tom Sizemore) to investigate Kono for stealing the money, a crime they found her guilty of by the end of the episode. Jenna Kaye learned that her boyfriend might still be alive, so she left Five-0 to work on that investigation. After last week’s shocking revelation that she’s working with Wo Fat, I’m not really sure if I believe this. Maybe she’s leaving Five-0 so she can try to take McGarrett down with Wo Fat. Or maybe her boyfriend really is alive and Wo Fat blackmailed her to help him. I welcome other theories if you have them.

New Girl

This week, we met Winston, Coach’s replacement in the apartment (Damon Wayans Jr.’s show, Happy Endings, got picked up for another season so they had to replace his character). Winston used to live with the guys but moved to Latvia to play professional basketball for awhile. Jess busted the boys’ TV, so they told her she had to talk to Spencer, her ex, so she could get her stuff back (including a replacement TV). She got sucked into driving his new girlfriend to the airport when she went to see him alone, so next time her roommates went with her. They all stood up to him for her when he tried to keep some of her stuff, going as far as putting on her silly hats to show they meant business. But, in the end, she got her stuff and a TV – which she broke right away.


Kristina and Adam found out they’re having a girl, which significantly lowers the chances of their baby being born with Asperger’s. With help from a very persistent Zeek, Drew finally asked out the girl he has a crush on and she said yes. Julia spent an entire day avoiding Zoe after asking her for her baby, until Zoe finally confronted her. She said no to Julia because she wants a closed adoption and can’t handle giving her baby to someone she knows. Adam talked to the parents of the kid Alex hit and convinced them to drop the charges, so it looks like he won’t be going to jail after all.

Up All Night

Chris wanted to get out of the post-baby sweatpants phase and bring the romance back to his and Reagan’s marriage. Will Forte guest starred as a park dad who helped Chris dress sexier in an effort to get Reagan to follow suit – a plan that did not go so well. We also met Ava’s ex-boyfriend and former boy band member, B-Ro, played by The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone. B-Ro used to steal Ava’s money and cheat on her all the time, but she thought he was the love of her life and even starred in one of his music videos, which you can watch here.


There’s a new overachiever at Greendale and she’s threatening Annie’s status as top student. Interestingly, her name is also Annie. For the sake of differentiation, I’ll refer to her by her full name, Annie Kim. Annie had an idea to start a Model UN, but Annie Kim stole the idea and attached a faculty advisor – Professor Cligoris (I’m not even going to go there), played by Martin Starr of Freaks and Geeks fame. There was lots of drama, some farting, a hissy fit and a fake alien invasion, but ultimately Annie’s Model US won the battle. Britta decided she needed to get back to her activist roots, so she started causing trouble for new security guard, Chang, who was tasked with protecting a trash can from students who walked into it. For me, the highlight of the episode was Troy representing the country of Georgia for the model UN, but insisting on using a southern American accent when speaking.

Parks and Recreation

This might get confusing, so try to keep up. If you remember from last week, we met Tammy 1 when she went to tell Ron that he was being audited. Upon seeing the mess that his finances were in, Tammy 1 said she would help him with the audit and would need access to his accounts and house. She’s scary, so Ron gave her what she asked for. Soon enough, Ron was wearing pastels, he shaved his mustache, and he was friendly and outgoing. Leslie, Andy and April decided they needed help to get the real Ron back, so they went to see Tammy 2. She’s scared of Tammy 1, so they went to Tammy 0 – aka, Ron’s mom – for help. After a drinking competition that left Leslie hammered, Ron seemed to snap back to normal. It also turned out the audit was fake and just Tammy 1’s way to make sure Ron was financially stable before she got back together with him. Elsewhere, Ann asked Chris to star in a health PSA, which he took way too seriously. Ben tried to help Tom with his company’s finances, but since they pay people $100,000 to sleep in the corner and they give away iPads to everyone who comes in, their business probably won’t last.


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