New Fall Show: Suburgatory

If you’re a fan of Clueless, Six Feet Under or Law & Order, then you’ll be excited to know Jeremy Sisto is back on TV! He stars as George, a single father who decides to move from Manhattan to the suburbs after finding condoms in his teenage daughter’s room.

As someone who’s from the suburbs, I must say I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The moms use words like “biznitch” and listen to gangster rap as they drive their kids to school, everyone waters their lawn at the exact same time, the neighbors are always in everyone else’s business and everyone has a lifetime supply of Sugarfree Red Bull (ok, that part I’m a little familiar with).

The show has a good supporting cast as well. Ana Gasteyer plays Sheila, a very nosey neighbor; Cheryl Hines plays Dallas, another neighbor who befriends George and tries to help fill the motherly role in Tessa’s life by taking her shopping for inappropriate clothes; Rex Lee (of Entourage fame) plays Dr. Wolf, a super nerdy guidance counselor; and Alan Tudyk plays George’s friend, Noah, who has an affinity for tanning and bleaching his hair.

George’s daughter, Tessa, spent her first day at school hiding out in the handicapped stall of the girl’s bathroom (a space that would’ve rented for $950 a month in Manhattan, she points out). Later that night, she tried to prove to her dad that moving to the ‘burbs was a bad idea by dressing in her new skanky clothes and refusing to consume anything other than the suburbia go-to beverage, Sugarfree Red Bull. The next morning they had a passive-aggressive silent conversation over breakfast, consisting of Tessa reading “How to Become an Emancipated Minor” and George reading “Is Adoption for You?” By the end of the episode, she seemed to have come around a little after realizing that her dad is stuck in suburgatory just as much as she is.

I haven’t decided how I feel about this show yet, but I’m sure I’ll keep watching it. It’s hard for me to see Jeremy Sisto as the father of a teenage daughter because he seems kind of young for that. Plus I still think of him as the psycho guy on Six Feet Under who was in love with his sister. Guess I’ll have to get over that!


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