Modern Family: “Phil on Wire”

Juice cleanses, puppies, circus antics and Justin Kirk – overall a pretty solid half hour of television!

Jay, Gloria and Manny have a puppy named Stella, and Jay lets her get away with anything. She sleeps in the bed with them, showers with Jay and chews all of Gloria’s things. In an attempt to show Jay how it feels, she tried to get Stella to eat Jay’s shoe by acting it out herself. There’s something about Sofia Vergara chewing on a shoe that you just have to laugh at.

Cam and Mitch decide to start a juice cleanse, so they took all their junk food to the Dunphy house and gave it to Luke. Cam seemed to be feeling the effects of the cleanse more than Mitch, resulting in lots and lots of mood swings. They went to Mitch’s boss’s house for a party that ultimately ended with Mitch bursting into tears and running into the ocean. His boss, if you remember from last season, is played by Justin Kirk. I was very happy to see him as I’m already feeling the effects of withdrawal following the season finale of Weeds this week. By the end of the episode, Mitch and Cam were stuffing their faces with cupcakes – doggy cupcakes to be exact – at Jay and Gloria’s house.

Phil spent the entire episode trying to master the tightrope after watching a movie about the circus with Luke. After successfully walking the wire on the ground he was ready to go airborn. Airborn, of course, was only about three inches off the ground, but he kept falling. Luke, who was coming down from his sugar high from all the junk food Mitch gave him, convinced Phil that if he was even higher off the ground he would succeed. Obviously this is terrible advice, but Phil thought it was great and it turned out it was! He mastered the tightrope seven feet off the ground! “What was going through my mind as I was walking that wire? I was thinking if I can do this…then I’ve got two ways to walk across my yard.”

Alex got moved up from her freshman math class to the sophomore one, which her sister (a senior, I might add) is also in. They came to an agreement that Alex will supply Hayley with homework, quiz and test answers in exchange for Hayley letting Alex sit with the cool kids at lunch. The teacher caught them cheating and called Claire, who got into a fight with an evil traffic cop who wrote her a ticket for stopping in an unloading zone.

There were several takeaways from this episode:

  • There is a such thing as too much junk food
  • Juice cleanses make you crazy
  • A puppy’s cuteness can’t excuse it from eating all your shoes
  • The higher off the ground you are, the easier it is to walk a tightrope (I don’t recommend anyone tests that theory, though)

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