Season Finale: Weeds

Warning: Major spoilers! 

The season finale of Weeds raises one very serious question: Will the show be back for another season? Certainly they can’t finish the show with that finale! But we’ll get to that in a minute…

We left off with Dmitri jacking Heylia and Dean for their MILF weed, causing Silas to reach a boiling point. Assuming Nancy was behind it, he called Jill who then flew to New York to tell Nancy she wants custody of Stevie or else she’ll turn her in to the police. He seemed to immediately regret that decision. Meanwhile, Emma went to Shane’s cop friend, Detective Ouellette, and told him the truth about the Botwins.

Heylia threatened to kill Nancy if she didn’t get the rest of her weed back. She brought along her muscle, Pierre, who had my favorite quote of the night. After Jill commented on his non-threatening name, he said “My mama’s a Francophile, bitch.” I don’t know Pierre, but I kind of love him for that. Later, Nancy begged Heylia not to hold the jacking against Silas. She told Nancy that Silas needed to get out of the city and back to growing because that’s where he was really happy.

Jill and Nancy spent the whole episode bickering like sisters, which seemed a little too casual given the big issue they were fighting over. I just think if my sister were trying to get custody of my child, I wouldn’t bring her along on my day of illegal errands. Maybe that’s just me.

Silas and Nancy finally saw each other and Silas apologized. Nancy, in a rare moment of being a good mother, forgave him and they shared a very sweet mother-son moment. I think an entire season of wanting to slap Silas in the face was worth it for that moment. Andy called a family meeting to reach an agreement on their situation. Two months later, we see Nancy bought a house in Connecticut for Silas to grow weed in. It wasn’t actually explained, but it looks like everyone is in on it together – including Jill and her daughters. I’m not sure I can put my support behind a plotline that means more Jill, but we’ll see what happens there.

It also looks like Shane joined the police academy in exchange for Detective Ouellette not going after Nancy. He also seems to be hiding it from his family. I wonder if he’ll be a man on the inside helping the family business, or if this will be trouble for the Botwins.

Nancy gave a toast at the family dinner and we saw a laser dot on her forehead. Shane, Andy and Silas all looked worried, but it turned out to be one of Jill’s daughters playing with a laser pointer. Just when I thought the show might actually end on a non-cliffhanger, we saw a sniper in the bushes lining up a shot on Nancy. Just before the screen went black, the gun went off.

All I can say about that is HOLY. CRAP. On the one hand, we had to know that the episode couldn’t end with everyone being friends and nothing bad looming over their heads. But, at the same time, the show hasn’t been picked up for another season so they could’ve been wrapping it up enough for a series finale. I find it hard to believe the show can kill off the main character, so assuming it does come back I’m excited to see who (if anyone) got shot.


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