Castle Episode 2: “Heroes & Villains”

Good news for Caskett fans: They seem to be back to their usual selves! For now, at least.

If you watched the Castle Comic Con panel in July, you already knew episode two was going to be all about superheroes. The team was in search of a vigilante named Lone Vengeance who literally sliced man in half in an alley. The first Lone Vengeance they found was harmless. The second one was a reporter, Paul Whittaker, who admitted to the murder, but Castle and Beckett figured out quickly that he was trying to cover for someone. That someone was Officer Hastings, who had a pretty sweet samurai sword collection but also ended up not being the killer. It turns out Paul was covering for her because he’s in love with her.

Lone Vengeance

Officer Hastings, like most superheroes, lost her father at a young age and was trying to avenge his death. Beckett told her, “Don’t be so driven by the past that you throw away your future.” Talk about a loaded statement! Beckett needs to be taking her own advice! The eventually found the right killers and let Hastings go. As she and Paul walked out of the precinct, Castle said “A writer and his muse fighting crime. Just like us!” Paul and Hastings started making out, which much to Castle’s dismay is not just like them.

On the non-police side of the episode, Alexis was planning for her upcoming college experience. She applied for spring admission to Stanford so she could be with her boyfriend, Ashley. She also told Castle she plans to take all the same classes as Ashley so they can spend more time together, which really doesn’t sound like Alexis at all. She always seemed smart and independent, not the kind of girl who follows a boy to school and then does everything he does. But by the end of the episode she agreed that she needs to follow her own dreams in college. Now Castle’s fatherly worries are focused on Alexis’ declaration that she and Ashley are talking about moving in together.

With the exception of Beckett’s loaded advice to Hastings, and the awkward kissing scene at the end, this episode didn’t really touch on the Beckett/Castle ‘I love you’ plotline. TV Line interviewed Stana Katic (Beckett) recently and she admitted Beckett is crazy in love with Castle. Hopefully we’ll get to see that come to light sooner rather than later.


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