Season Premieres: Community, Parks and Recreation & The Office


OMAR!!!! Well, not really, but kind of. It was announced earlier in the summer that The Wire’s Michael K. Williams – better known as Omar Little – would be on this season of Community. He plays Dr. Marshall King, a biology teacher who spent 6,205 hours earning his PhD while serving a 25 to life prison sentence. He’s not as hardcore as Omar, but no one is.

Pierce wanted back into the study group, but Jeff insisted that he couldn’t rejoin since he wasn’t in their biology class. That came back to bite him when Dr. King kicked him out of the class because his phone kept going off. Pierce, who was on the waitlist, took Jeff’s spot in the class and the group. Abed learned that Cougar Town isn’t coming back until midseason, so Britta showed him the British show that it’s based off of – Cougarton Abbey. I don’t think this would’ve been nearly as funny if Downton Abbey hadn’t won at the Emmys. But since they did, this was hilarious.

Chang is jobless and homeless, so he did what any logical person in his situation would do – he moved into the air vents at the school. The dean thought it was the monkey, and in an effort to buckle down he had the vents gassed. This ultimately led to him finding out Chang lives there, so he gave him a job as a security guard.

Personally, I could’ve used a lot more Troy in this episode. The Troy/Abed bromance is by far my favorite part of this show. Of course that could change this year with the addition of Omar. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is literally the best of the Thursday night shows (see what I did there?) Leslie spent the majority of the episode avoiding telling Ben that she’s running for city council because that would mean they have to break up. She eventually went to tell him and discovered that he already knew. He gave her a button that said Knope 2012 and tried to make their breakup easier on her by acting as though he wanted to end it. It was pretty sweet, actually.

Ron ran away to a cabin to hide from Tammy 1, his first wife. After growing a pretty intense beard, he realized he can’t run from his problems and went back to work. Tammy 1 eventually did show up and told him he’s being audited. He should’ve stayed hidden.

Someone sent a penis picture to all the women in the government, which Ann Perkins was able to diagnose a medical condition from. Other men heard about this and soon enough her phone was blowing up with penis pictures. Tom tried to convince Andy to follow his dreams and work for his company, Entertainment 7twenty. Andy decided that wasn’t his dream, so April promised she would help him figure out what is. She ended up getting him a job as Leslie’s assistant, which I imagine won’t end well.

I hope Leslie and Ben’s breakup wasn’t really the end of them because I think they’re a cute couple. I also hold out hope that Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins will get back together, but there was no promise of that in the premiere.

The Office

After a summer of wondering who would replace Michael Scott, we finally got our answer. Robert California (James Spader) got his job, but quickly convinced Jo (Kathy Bates) to make him CEO instead. So who took over for Michael? Andy Bernard!

The premiere focused mostly on a list Robert made of all the employees broken down into two columns. Eventually they learned it was a winners and losers list, with Andy being among the losers. He told Robert he wouldn’t be doing his job as regional manager if he didn’t set him straight, and he proceeded to say nice things about all the “losers,” which was sweet.

We also learned that Pam is pregnant with Baby Halpert #2 – a boy. Angela married the (gay) senator and is also pregnant. That should be interesting. And everyone in the office seems to be obsessed with planking. Like the Downton Abbey reference on Community, this bit had potential if anyone still cared about planking. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone does.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue watching The Office this year. I was never particularly attached to it, and frankly I have enough shows on my plate. But at the same time, I’m no TV quitter, so we’ll see.


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