Season Premiere: Modern Family


The five time Emmy-winning show has returned – and with an hour-long season premiere, no less! The first half hour took place at a dude ranch in Wyoming where the family went on vacation. We learned that Cam and Mitchell are planning to adopt a baby boy, but Mitch thinks he needs to butch up first. After nearly shooting his entire family, he decided he’s not ready for father/son activities. Later, he blew up a birdhouse with Luke, which restored his confidence in is butchness.

Hayley’s boyfriend, Dylan, went on vacation with the family as well and tried to propose to Hayley. After a family fight and a night being lost in the woods, Dylan got a job offer on the ranch and decided he’s going to stay in Wyoming. Gloria’s ears didn’t pop after the plane landed, so she spent a good portion of the vacation screaming because she couldn’t hear. The dude ranch tour guide, Hank, spent the entire time hitting on Gloria, much to Jay’s chagrin. It turns out he was doing it so Jay could rescue her and be a hero, but I’m not sure I buy that. Alex got some action on vacation – a boy she met by the pool constantly called her beautiful and kissed her several times. At first she was mortified, but by the end of the vacation she was all over him. Go Alex!

If you’re a fan of the show, I’m sure you heard Baby Lily was recast over the hiatus. I was a big fan of the previous Lily – her silence was often hilarious. New Lily, however, is a talker. She’s cute too though, so I guess it’s ok. And I am excited to see what they can do with her character now that she speaks. It was actually a main storyline in the second half hour of the premiere.

At the mention of Mitch and Cam adopting another baby, Lily professed that she hates the baby and that Cam is “my daddy.” At first, Mitch convinced Cam that it’s because he coddles her, but after talking to her daycare lady he realized it’s actually because she’s bad at sharing – a trait she picked up from Mitch.

Manny stole a locket from a girl at school as a token to remember her by when she moves away. Jay insisted that he tell the principle and take whatever punishment he had coming for him, but Gloria ended up sneaking the locket back into the girl’s locker and letting Manny get away with it. Manny has more of a conscience than his mother, though, and ultimately came clean to Jay.

Alex and Hayley convinced Luke to move into the attic so they could each have their own bedroom, but Luke didn’t even last one night. We also learned of Claire’s need to always be right. She knocked over a stack of canned peaches at the grocery store and insisted it was Phil’s fault, even going so far as to get the security footage to show everyone what happened. Apparently this trait comes from her father, who practically jumped for joy when Manny came clean about lying.

Overall it was a very entertaining premiere. I hadn’t realized how much I missed the show until it came back.


One thought on “Season Premiere: Modern Family

  1. I really like the new episode. I’m excited for Season 3! Modern family is my favorite running show right now, it’s so good. So, dylan and …ah I always forget her name…Phil’s oldest daughter…broke up again. So is he like..out of the series? I hope not…he was way awkward and funny. Anyways, this show rocks.

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