Season Premiere: Hawaii Five-0

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!

O-M-G is all I can say after last night’s episode! I really didn’t think it was going to be possible to top last season’s finale, but wow, they’ve done it. The suspense, the twists, the turns… they’re all back.

The premiere picked up one week after McGarrett’s arrest for supposedly killing the Governor, so we don’t miss much in those couple of days, and the Five-0 team gets us caught up quickly. McGarrett is in jail, Chin is working as lieutenant for HPD, Kono is suspended and Danno is trying desperately to save his partner.

Danny brings in McGarrett’s SEAL Lieutenant Commander Joe White, played by Lost’s Terry O’Quinn. They stop by the jail to let McGarrett know they’re working on getting him out. Once they leave, the guards let Steve outside for a bit and you see him looking around trying to find a way to escape. Meanwhile they also let Victor Hesse outside, the man who killed McGarrett’s father. They get into a wrestling match with Victor eventually stabbing McGarrett. Turns out this was all a set up by Victor – he purposely hurts McGarrett, which meant he had to be taken to the hospital. I’m still unsure of why he helped, but I’ll take it.

And now we have a fugitive on our hands. McGarrett knows the only way to prove he’s innocent is to do it himself, so he escapes from the ambulance. The guy is pretty smart and knows he can’t contact any of his Five-0 buddies – HPD will definitely be on the lookout for them. Instead McGarrett makes his way to Dr. Max Bergman’s house, a recurring character from last season who is now a full-time member of the cast (played by Heroes Masi Oka). Max get’s him all stitched up and immediately calls Danno and Chin.

Meanwhile, Joe pays a visit to Jenna’s hotel room. While there he recognizes a picture of a medal from McGarrett’s father’s tool box of evidence. Joe does some investigating of his own and finds an elderly Japanese man named Mokoto, who had worked with McGarrett’s dad. Mokoto then leads the Five-0 team to a locker at an airport where Danno and McGarrett find a memory card with hidden camera footage shot in the Governor’s house. Thinking it may still be there, Danno and Chin sneak into the Governor’s house to find the source of the video and lucky for them it’s still there.  The acting Governor, Pat Jameson played by Richard T. Jones, walks in while Danno and Chin are there, but they convince him to watch the video. Pat eventually lets McGarrett off the hook and reinstates Five-0… with some boundaries this time around.

No time to celebrate – Wo Fat is still on the loose. Kono was doing some intel while the boys were taking care of McGarrett and finds out Wo Fat has one last mission before he plans to disappear for a while. She gets caught by his team, but also gets free, and leads Five-0 to a boat where she believes Wo Fat is hanging out. Turns out, he wasn’t there after all.

The team was happy to be reunited, but still worry about Kono’s suspension, and bringing down Wo Fat once and for all. McGarrett thinks he if can talk to Victor one more time, he’ll get the information he needs.

But then, the big bombshell at the end: Wo Fat poses as a corrections officer to sneak into jail to kill Victor Hesse and who’s waiting for him in the getaway car? Jenna Kaye! O-M-G.

I cannot wait for next week’s episode! So many questions I need answered! How are Jenna and Wo Fat really connected? Has Jenna been scamming Five-0 the entire time she’s been in Hawaii? And will Kono lose her badge for good?


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