Season Premiere: Glee

Warning: Spoilers!

Gleeks rejoice! Our favorite glee club kids have returned! I don’t know about you, but I was happy to see Finn and Puck’s beautiful faces again 🙂 I must say, nothing particularly exciting happened in this episode, but we did get an update on what’s going on with everyone in glee club.

Rachel and Kurt, both seniors, had big plans to move to NYC after graduation and audition for Juilliard until Emma broke it to them that Juilliard doesn’t have a musical theater department. That’s ok though, she told them about another school with the best musical theater department that just so happened to be having a mixer in Dayton that week. The kids at the mixer were just as hardcore about singing as they are, which made them realize that just because they’re the crème de la crème of McKinley High School doesn’t mean they’re the best in the world. They decided they need more extracurriculars, so Kurt is running for senior class president and Rachel is pushing for the school to put on a production of West Side Story.

Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury are officially a couple. She packs his lunch every morning in a Superman lunch box and refuses to kiss him with morning breath. Finn and Rachel are a couple (yay!), and while she has her post-high school life all mapped out, he still has no idea what he wants to do. Trouty Mouth – er, Sam – left McKinley because his dad got an out of state job. Lauren Zizes is no longer in glee club because she dumped Puck (I know, I was shocked too). As Puck explained it, “She’s the one that got away…really, really slowly.” Oh, how I’ve missed him. Sue Sylvester is apparently running for office and decides to build her campaign around ending the arts in public schools. Schuester, in an attempt to dissuade her, threw glitter all over her, but that only made her rise in the polls.

Blaine transferred from Dalton Academy to McKinley so he could be with Kurt (awww!). Santana pledged her allegiance to Sue and set one of Schuester’s pianos on fire during Blaine’s performance in the courtyard. Schue banned her from glee, which she took quite well. Quinn has become an all around badass. She dyed her hair pink, pierced her nose and hangs out under the bleachers with a group of girls affectionately called The Skanks. She even smokes! That can’t be good for her voice. Brittany and Santana, and later Rachel, all tried to convince her to rejoin glee, but she seems adamant on staying out. But at the end of the episode she was watching the club perform and it looked like she wanted back in, so hopefully the pink hair will be gone soon.

In an effort to recruit more members, the club broke out into a song during lunch, complete with tabletop dancing, but it only resulted in a food fight. A new girl, Sugar, auditioned for the club, and for the first time Schue had to turn a student down. In his defense, she was all sorts of bad and he had to look out for the greater good of the group. Artie may have had the quote of the night when he said “her ears should get to park in my handicapped spot.”

Something I noticed: there seemed to be a lot of purple in this episode. The pianos that Schue put around the school were all purple, Sue’s first tracksuit was purple and the glee club’s outfits for their closing number were all purple. I don’t know that that means, but I’m a fan of the color so I’ll take it.

So what did you think of the premiere? Any predictions on what to expect this season?


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