Season Premiere: Castle

Warning: Spoilers!

This is quite possibly the one season premiere I’ve been most excited about all summer. As I’m sure you remember, last season ended with quite the cliffhanger! And in case you forgot just how intense it was, we got a refresher with the “previously on…” clips.

After a nerve-wracking scene in the hospital – complete with Beckett flatling for a bit and her boyfriend shoving Castle into the wall – we learned that Beckett seemingly doesn’t remember anything from the shooting. Castle was visibly sad that his declaration of love went unheard, but as I watched the scene I was certain that her “They say there are some things that are better not being remembered” comment had a deeper meaning. Beckett told Castle she needs some time alone and would call him when she was ready.

For three months, Castle, Ryan and Esposito worked her shooting case until their new captain put a stop to it and ended Castle’s shadowing deal with the NYPD. When Beckett returned, Ryan and Esposito were surprised to hear she hadn’t been in contact with Castle since that day in the hospital. They told her he has all the files on her case and that she’ll need to talk to him if she wants them back. She found Castle at a book signing for his latest Nikki Heat novel and we could see he was not himself at all. He was dressed considerably down compared to his normal dapper style, and he had a pained expression on his face with every book he signed. Beckett extended an olive branch by getting in line to have her book signed, but Castle didn’t look like he was going to forgive her that quick.

She waited for him outside and he walked right by her saying he waited three months and heard nothing. She apologized in her own way and told him that she and Dr. Boyfriend broke up. She said he really liked him but she knows she won’t be able to have the kind of relationship she wants until she closes her mother’s case. To me this was another conversation that had more subtext to it – I took this as Beckett telling Castle she loves him too but can’t be with him when she’s so consumed with the case. Castle seemed to get that too because he told her he’ll help her and called in a favor to the mayor to get reinstated (so to speak) with the police. The captain wasn’t thrilled with this and threatened both of them if they tried anything like that again.

Since they aren’t allowed to work the shooting case anymore – and the new captain seems like the kind of lady you wouldn’t want to defy – the team is going to have to be super stealth about it. So far we’ve learned there was a warehouse fire that burned files pertaining to Beckett’s mom’s murder, and Beckett is convinced the report was falsified to declare the fire an accident. We also saw what happened to that mystery package Montgomery mailed before he was killed – he sent it to a friend who called Castle and told him he can guarantee Beckett’s safety on the condition that she stops her investigation. Castle knows Beckett won’t stop if he tells her that, so instead he asked her to just give herself some time to get her bearings back before she dives in.

We also saw in this episode that Castle has invested in a high-tech murder board of his own with all of Beckett’s case information in it. Even though he got Beckett to back down for awhile, it’s clear that he plans to continue the investigation on his own. Beckett also paid a visit to her psych evaluator even after he cleared her for duty because she’s clearly not ok. The episode ended with her confiding in him that she lied about not remembering the shooting – in fact, she remembers everything, including Castle’s “I love you” comment.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds and what comes of these two secrets (Castle investigating without Beckett, and Beckett knowing Castle loves her).

And if you missed it, here’s a TVLine interview with creator, Andrew Marlowe about what to expect this season.


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