New Fall Show: New Girl

I was really looking forward to this new show and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s taken me awhile to warm up to Zooey Deschanel, but I’ve decided I like her. This show is actually really funny and I love the cast, even though I don’t know who any of them are (with the exception of Zooey, of course).

The show centers on Jess, who breaks up with her boyfriend after finding him with another woman. She ends up moving in with three guys – Coach, Nick and Schmidt. These guys are hilarious! Coach is a personal trainer who can’t talk to women, Nick was recently dumped as well and still pines for his ex, and Schmidt is a douchebag. He means well, but he says douchey things, which is why they have a “Douchebag Jar” that he has to put a dollar into pretty much every time he speaks.

Jess is super awkward – she sings to herself, watches Dirty Dancing over and over while sobbing hysterically and is really awful at talking to guys. After witnessing all of this, the guys regretted letting her move in, but by the end of the episode they were all besties. Jess had met a guy in a bar who stood her up, so her roommates met her at the restaurant so she wouldn’t be alone. They even started singing in an attempt to make her stop crying.

I’m really excited about this show; I think it’ll be a hit! I love all of the roommates and how they interact, and there were several moments in the episode that made me actually laugh out loud (full disclosure: that’s not hard to do). I definitely think you should check this show out if you haven’t already!


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