Season Premiere: How I Met Your Mother

Last season, HIMYM ended with the pretty shocking revelation that Barney is getting married. Of course, in keeping with the secretive theme of the show, we’re most likely not going to find out who he’s marring until the end of the season.

Tonight’s hour-long (or rather, two half-hours back to back) premiere picked up at Barney’s wedding and immediately flashed back to “the worst wedding” the gang has ever been to. It turns out Ted gave speeches at several of his friends’ weddings, but they always happened to fall at bad times in his life. Thus, he was always a crybaby mess during his speeches. Punchy, his high school friend whose wedding he is now getting ready to speak at, posted all the videos online and was hoping he would break down at his wedding as well. More on that in a minute.

Lily is pregnant, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone until she’s in her second trimester, so Marshall is given the task of drinking for two at the wedding. Naturally, he gets insanely drunk.

Robin is still in love with Barney but keeps insisting she’s not. Lily tells her to go tell Barney that, but they end up doing a very choreographed – yet entertaining – dance to Groove is in the Heart. After the dance she’s about to tell him she loves him when he gets a phone call from Nora, the woman he wants to be a better man for (talk about bad timing). He asks Robin to help him say the right thing, and she’s clearly telling him her own feelings for him but he doesn’t get it. Typical.

Drunk Marshall has baby fever at the wedding, and ultimately he and Lily decide to tell everyone they’re pregnant. They do this just before Ted’s speech, which means he’s going to cry yet again. Everyone was laughing at him, so Marshall stood up to defend him and said he’s crying because “that beautiful woman over there” is pregnant. The bride thought he was pointing to her since she, too, is pregnant, and it caused a big fight at the wedding.

The second of the two episodes started with a very hung over Marshall declaring he’s never drinking again. He got a call from Garrison Coote, the head of an environment law firm he applied to. Garrison (played by Martin Short) says that pending a background check and Google search, Marshall is hired. Marshall later Googles himself and finds a drunken naked video of himself being “Beercules,” leading him to track down the college friend of his who posted the video.

The friend, Pete, is played by Jimmi Simpson. I’m a big Jimmi fan, so I was happy to see him on the show. Pete is still a drunk who likes to play Edward Fortyhands. Marshall begs him to take the video down, but ultimately he ends up filming another one instead. He still got the job though, and we learn that Pete is actually a surgeon (scary thought).

Meanwhile, Barney met Nora for coffee and she asked him to tell her all the lies he’s ever told a woman to get her into bed. Obviously they were there for a long time. Nora asked Barney how he could think he still has a chance with her, and he rightfully pointed out that she could’ve left way earlier but didn’t. He vowed to sit at that diner until she agrees to go on another date, which ultimately she did.

While all that was happening, Ted was hanging around a newsstand to hit on women by showing them the New York magazine that he’s on the cover of.  He ends up going on a date with two women but has to pick one to take as his date to the Architects Ball. After a pro/con list and a color chart, he ends up taking Robin. The episode ended with Ted seeing his ex-girlfriend, the cupcake baker from a few seasons ago, at the ball.

So who do you think Barney is marrying? I’m hoping it’s Robin, even though I was convinced for awhile that Robin is the mother. I know that doesn’t make sense since Future Ted often refers to Aunt Robin, but I was hoping that was a decoy. Still, though, I think I would like Barney and Robin to be together so I’m ok with her not being the mother.


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