New Fall Show: Up All Night

When announcements about new fall shows were made months ago, Up All Night was one of the shows I was most excited for. My love for Will Arnett knows no bounds, and if you haven’t watched Arrested Development you are seriously depriving yourself of utter awesomeness. But I digress…

Up All Night is a half hour comedy, starring the aforementioned Arnett along with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. It focuses on new parents trying to figure out how to balance work, life and a baby. Rudolph plays Ava, a daytime talk show host (think: Oprah) and Applegate is her beloved producer, Regan, who has just returned to work after her maternity leave. In the pilot we learned that Arnett’s character, Chris, used to work at a law firm but quit to be a stay at home dad to baby Amy.

One thing Arnett fans may notice right off the bat is that his character is extremely toned down compared to his previous roles. But, thankfully, that didn’t take away from the comedy. I found the pilot to be very entertaining and full of funny quotes, such as “I always wondered what a mug of butt tastes like” and “Classic venison stock, babies love this!” There was also a scene featuring a great rendition of “It’s Raining Men” by Arnett, but I don’t want to spoil everything for you.

I suggest you check this show out. It’s a fun show that you probably don’t need to see every week in order to follow it (although obviously I’ll be watching it every week). I hope it does well because I think Arnett is due for a successful show.


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