Summer TV Wrap Up

As summer winds down, so do our favorite TV shows. Here is a quick wrap up of how I spent my summer:

Necessary Roughness
I was a little skeptical of Necessary Roughness when it first started, but immediately fell in love with the characters and story. The show begins with the demise of Dr. Dani Santino’s marriage and continues on a crazy path throughout the season for the doc: she deals with her two upset children, takes on a new job as therapist for the local professional football team, and must learn to handle the single life. We’re introduced to Dani’s cheating ex-husband, best friend, new patients and a couple of potential love interests along the way. With two episodes left, it should be interesting to see what develops. Will Dani and Matt finally get together? (that kiss!) Will T.K. get back on track? Will Ray stay out of the picture?

This summer our favorite entourage said goodbye. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage crew had a lot of making up to do this season after last year’s downfall. I know people that refused to even watch the final episodes after the disaster we witnessed previously. But luckily, Entourage picked up the pieces. For some characters it took all season, while others met their fates earlier on. Turtle gets his restaurant, Johnny gets a hit TV show and new movie deal, Eric finds out he and Sloan are having a baby and rekindle their romance, Ari and Mrs. Ari (Melissa!) move forward as husband and wife, and Vince, well, he’s Vince, riding off into the sunset with his boys (and new fiancé!) in tow. It was a great ride, entertaining eight years, and I sure will miss my favorite boys from Queens. That is of course, until the movie.

Weeds had a fantastic first couple of seasons, but somewhere along the line, they lost their creative edge. But I could never give up on the pot-selling Botwin family; I just loved them too much. After last year’s crazy ending, I was a little unsure of how this season was going to go. We’ve seen bad seasons and we’ve seen amazing seasons… this one seems to be somewhere in between. Things started off a little slow as Nancy Botwin regained her footing in New York City after her stint in jail. Andy, Silas, Shane and even Doug left Copenhagen to be reunited with the family matriarch, but realized they may have made a mistake when she refuses to face them. Of course, things work out as they typically do: Nancy gets out of the halfway house and surprise, surprise starts up another weed business with Silas. Crazy antics by all lead to another family arrest, a drug bust, a run in with the SEC, and the list goes on. As of now, we haven’t heard whether or not Weeds will be picked up for another season, but if they have another great story left in them, I say why not.

Franklin & Bash
Franklin & Bash is one of the best new shows of summer. And how can you go wrong with two of the biggest stars of the 90s? Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer have fantastic chemistry, are hilarious together, and just so fun to watch. The series started with the slacker buddies struggling to find clients, literally waiting and watching for the next accident to happen, then they meet big time lawyer Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) and everything changes. Hesitant first, the boys accept an offer to work with Infeld at one of the top law firms in Los Angeles. Not everyone was impressed with Franklin and Bash – they were dramatic, childish and completely unprofessional… but surprisingly good at their jobs. The show is unrealistic on so many levels, but I love these boys too much to stop watching. They are sexist and immature, but somehow still likeable. I can’t wait to see what season two brings.

The Challenge: Rivals
I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now: MTV’s Challenge has lost its luster. I had high hopes for this season after hearing MTV was bringing the biggest rivals back to compete against each other. Drama was bound to ensue. However, the rivalries were fairly tame once players realized they had to work together to win. The so-called enemies actually became friends. I didn’t even find the challenges to be that exciting, minus the final. And I think I’m even sick of the cast mates: you see the same clique every time, the same three people win every time, and the cool older Real World-ers don’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore. Where is Eric, Syrus and Coral when you need them?

Suits was a surprise show of summer for me. I didn’t recognize any of the cast, which is typically a turn off, and wasn’t all that excited about another lawyer show, but I figured the boys are cute, why not give it a chance. Immediately I fell in love with Mike Ross. And even Gabriel Macht’s tough guy Harvey is likeable in his own way. When we first meet Mike he is in a whole lot of trouble thanks to his no-good, drug-dealing best friend who convinces him to assist in a drug deal. Harvey saves the day when he offers Mike a job as an associate at his law firm. Mike, however, never went to law school, but passed the bar many times for others as a way to make some cash. And this is where the fun begins. The show is smart and original, and always entertaining. I could do without some of the other annoying cast members (ugh, Louis!), but I can’t wait to see what happens in the Mike, Rachel, Jenny love triangle. Season two, please!


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