True Blood Episode 11: “Soul of Fire”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

We’re in the homestretch – just one more episode to go! I should’ve known that when it seemed like everything was wrapping up all nice and tidy for the witch storyline that it couldn’t possibly be true. And boy was I right! But we’ll get to that later…

This episode picked up right up with the witches, who didn’t get blown up after all. Jason stopped Bill and Eric by reminding them how many times Sookie saved their lives. Did anyone else love the chorus of “F—in’ Sookie,” because I sure did! Inside, Marnie stabbed one of her followers (read: hostages), which was the last straw for Antonia. Lafayette was the only one who could see Antonia escape from Marnie’s body, prompting his quote of the week: “Oh sh–. Marnie just puked a bitch out.” They fought, but ultimately Marnie overpowered Antonia and sucked her back into her body.

Jesus told Marnie the follower wasn’t actually dead and asked if he could take her into the bathroom to save her, which Marnie agreed to. Really, though, he was using her for his own spell to overtake Marnie. Outside, the two possessed vampires that Marnie was holding captive tried to attack Bill and Eric, but that didn’t really work out so well. Bill and Eric told Marnie to stop hiding behind magic and go outside to talk to them, so she took Sookie to negotiate. She said she would set Sookie free in exchange for Bill and Eric’s lives. They agreed (Bill agreed first, I might add. Infer from that what you will), much to the disappointment of Jessica, Pam and Sookie. Unwilling to let her maker die for Sookie, Pam took the rocket launcher and shot toward the magic wall – even after Eric forbade her. Since the wall reflects things that hit it, the rocket launcher backfired injuring and blinding Jason. Luckily Jessica was there with more of her healing blood. Pam tried to apologize to Eric, but instead he told her to get out of his sight before he kills her. Yikes! What’s going to happen with that?

Back inside, Marnie used the pool of blood on the floor as a magic mirror and saw that she ended up dead in the (seemingly near) future. She told everyone to join in a circle to cast a spell against the vampires. After a lot of reluctance, they all joined and the vampires were being drawn to the magic wall of death. Sookie heard Jason, who was sending her a message to stop before they all died, so she used her magic fairy hand to break the spell. Not believing it was an accident, Marnie cast a spell trapping Sookie inside a ring of fire, causing intense fear that Eric and Bill could both sense. While this was happening, Jesus’ spell was working and his always freaky bull head came back. He was able to break the spell Marnie had on Antonia, freeing her from captivity. Antonia peaced out quickly – I can’t say I blame her. The spell also broke the wall, allowing Eric and Bill to enter. Eric ripped the heart out of Marnie’s only follower, drank the blood out of it like it was juice box and then threw it over his shoulder. I gotta say, while that was mostly creepy, it was also kind of awesome. Bill then shot Marnie in the head.

While this was happening, Jason told Jessica that even without her blood she is all he thinks about and he doesn’t know what to do about it. I’m guessing the season can’t end without Hoyt finding out about that, and that makes me really nervous. There’s not enough time for him to find out, process it AND get over it, so I think that means the season will end with a giant rift in their friendship.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was way too optimistic in thinking that Marnie’s death meant the end of the witches. That night while Lafayette and Jesus were in bed, Marnie’s spirit came into the room and entered Lafayette’s body. Hopefully Jesus will be able to turn into a bull again and cast a spell to get her out (but that might mean he’ll need a dead body first…)

Now for a quick summary of the less important storylines of the week: Sam and Alcide found Marcus at Alcide’s house with Debbie and Emma (his daughter, who he kidnapped from Luna’s house). Sam and Marcus fought, and Sam was going to let him live knowing that he’s a crappy person, but Marcus tried to shoot him. Alcide saved him by breaking Marcus’ neck with such ease that even Debbie seemed terrified of him. That doesn’t matter though because Alcide broke up with her (finally!).

Andy was still walking home after being left at Fort Bellefleur by Terry. He was having a creepy conversation with himself when a fairy popped up out of nowhere. After determining that he wasn’t a vampire despite the fact that he smelled like one, they made love. That entire subplot seemed really strange to me. I’m done with the fairies, so I hope this isn’t an opening for a larger fairy plotline in the future.

So next week is the finale – any guesses as to what will happen? I heard Alan Ball said lots of main characters wouldn’t survive the season, and so far we’ve only lost Tommy and Marcus (who I would argue wasn’t a main character at all). So who do you think it going to die?


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