The Challenge: Rivals Reunion

For the most part, I felt this challenge was pretty weak. Yes, there was drama. Yes, there were exciting challenges. But for whatever reason, I could never really get into it. I guess when I heard MTV was bringing in these big time rivals, I expected more. The interesting thing is, I thought the reunion show was fairly tame too.

Once again hosted by Maria Menounos, we were reunited with teammates Evelyn & Paula, Jenn & Mandi, Laurel & Cara Maria, Leroy & Mike, Tyler & Johnny, Wes & Kenny, and Adam & C.T. The reunion show recapped the season, discussed the fights, explored the romances and left us with new rivals. Here is a rundown of what we learned last night:

Overarching Points

  • Mike and Leroy are rookie superstars
  • After eight long and tumultuous seasons, Paula finally wins one… and was more excited about bragging rights than the money!
  • Mr. Beautiful, Kenny, lost his mojo, yet showed up BIG in the challenge. Thank you, Wes for the best clip in Challenge history.
  • Jenn and Mandi both feel bad for letting the other down
  • All rival teammates were friends at the end… minus maybe Wes & Kenny
  • C.T., the nice guy?
  • Viewers can always count on two things – fights and flings!
      • Surprise, Surprise they are Still Fighting
        Jenn vs. Laurel & Cara Maria – The one thing you can always count on with Jenn is her getting loud, getting in cast mates faces, and sticking up for herself and her friends. During the season Jenn and Cara Maria got into it, which then led Laurel to jump in to stick up for her partner. Once again at the reunion, we still find them fighting. Jenn claims that Laurel purposely turned her against Cara Maria, which is pretty interesting if that’s the case. Maybe she wanted her partner to herself? Hmm. Laurel on the other hand denies it ever happened and claims the hatred came from Jenn being scared of the Jungle. Sounds like a bunch of he said, she said to me.

        Wes vs. Cara Maria – I never really understood where this rivalry came from. Apparently throughout the season Wes and Cara Maria would playfully insult each other, and eventually it went too far. Wes says he got to the point where he was so annoyed with her, that he couldn’t handle being anymore near her. And that’s where the bottle of soda came into play, taking the insults from fun to malicious. On stage, Wes continued to make fun of Cara Maria, this time for her crazy outfit. Sounds like Wes has some issues of his own to deal with and needs to grow up!

        Paula vs. Laurel – I am 150 percent on Paula’s side with this one. As you may recall towards the end of the season, Paula and Laurel got into a huge fight, where Laurel eventually attacked Paula for her anorexia. As Jenn mentions on stage, this is an issue Paula has publicly and privately dealt with for years. This was a serious low blow coming from Laurel. For those who are long time challenge watchers, you may also remember Laurel’s hurtful insult to Big Easy. She clearly has shown a pattern of bad behavior. Paula still won’t accept Laurel’s apology and rightfully so. Laurel claims that Paula was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she was just sticking up for her partner. I’d don’t buy it and neither should you.

        C.T. vs. The Guys – A common theme throughout the season was taking down C.T. As much as the guys deny it, it was very clear to viewers that C.T. was a HUGE threat to them. They didn’t want to face him in a challenge, they didn’t want to face him in an elimination round, and they definitely didn’t want to face him in the final. As Maria mentioned, C.T. has a reputation as the big bad wolf, which leaves the guys scared to death. Johnny and Wes say the new nice guy image is fake and he hasn’t changed one bit. Adam on the other hand, has nothing but nice things to say about his formal rival, even calling C.T. his number one guy in the challenge. Adam gets really emotional when discussing their relationship now because it has been a really tough road since they first met in Paris, but says C.T. is just an intense guy. Wes wouldn’t let this end on a good note and claims Adam just has post-traumatic stress disorder…

        Awww… Challenge Romance
        Mike & Paula – Mike definitely still has a thing for Paula, but I’m pretty sure it will never happen. Poor guy!

        C.T. & Laurel – They were always pretty boring, but Laurel was very intrigued by C.T. But what girl isn’t!

        C.T. & Mandi – Mandi is clearly still bitter about the whole thing, but had no problem moving on…

        Wes & Mandi – Really good friends who hook up apparently.

        Adam & Jenn – Adam had real feelings for Jenn, which left this relationship on some not so good terms. Jenn feels bad for the mean things she said the morning after their first hook-up, but does admit that she did like him for real. I kind of understand where she was coming from in that everyone bombarded her with questions; to avoid the interrogation she tried to brush it off like it was nothing. There is clearly still some bitterness here: Jenn denies having sex on back of bus even though Tyler saw it happen, which leads to quite an argument on stage. There was no real outcome. I personally think Adam can do better. He’s too good for her Jenn!

        The Challenge: Rivals Part II
        Laurel & Paula
        Cara Mara & Jenn
        C.T. & Johnny or Wes
        Kenny & Tyree
        Mandi & Theresa

        Coming Soon
        Real World San Diego, take two. San Diego was by far one of the best seasons MTV has ever had, and I don’t know that these new kids can ever live up to that. Do you remember how funny Brad and Randy were? This may be the only season of the Real World that made me laugh out loud over and over again.

        Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!


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