True Blood Episode 10: “Burning Down the House”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Drama, drama and more drama! I love it! But there is SO MUCH to resolve in just two episodes!

The episode picked up right where it left off last week, thankfully. I wouldn’t have been able to wait and see what happened to Bill at the hands of spellbound Eric. Sookie tried her damndest to break up the fight…she jumped on Eric on get him off Bill, she begged Bill not the shoot Eric…I wonder how she expected the fight to end without one of them hurting the other. Thankfully that magic hand of hers that shoots out lightning bolts (or whatever they are) was able to stop Eric – AND reverse the spell Antonia had put on him. I know this sounds strange, but somehow Eric is physically hotter with his memory. There was something about the way he said “get off me” when Bill had him by the throat.

Back at Bill’s house, Eric told Sookie he remembers everything about their time together and still loves her. She told him she loves him too, but she realized when he was about to kill Bill that she can’t imagine a world without him it in and loves him as well. Similar to her threesome dream, Eric wasn’t fond of this idea.

Sookie heard Bill say he’s going to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium, much to her dismay. She told him that Tara is in there but he said he can’t jeopardize all of his people by leaving the witch alive just because her friend was inside. Eric’s response to this made me laugh – “Loveable, isn’t he?” Though he was on board with the burning plan too. I decided a couple weeks back that I was ready for Sookie and Eric to be over and for her to get back with Bill, but now I’m open to the idea of seeing what her relationship with non-amnesia Eric is like – just for a little while.

In an interesting turn of events, we learned that Marnie is more involved in Antonia’s mission than we thought. I had assumed Antonia took over her body and Marnie was just strung along for the ride. After seeing all the humans who died as a result of her spell, Antonia began rethinking her quest. She exited Marnie’s body so they could have a face to face chat about it (kinda creepy), but Marnie proceeded to remind her of all the wrongdoing the vampires did to people and convinced her to continue on.  Meanwhile, Tara and Holly were taking it upon themselves to reverse the hand-burning protection spell that Antonia cast so they could escape.

Back in Bill’s front yard (classy, Jason, real classy), Jason and Jessica talked about the repercussions of their actions. Jason, of course, felt very guilty but Jessica assured him they didn’t do anything wrong. She said Hoyt broke up with her and she broke up with him, but Jason pointed out that he didn’t break up with Hoyt and this was still wrong. He started telling her stories from their childhood, to which she said she’s heard them all before from both of them. After unsuccessfully blaming their hookup on the blood she gave him, he said he wouldn’t be able to face Hoyt unless she glamoured the memory out of him. Jessica said “do you have any idea how that makes me feel?” but he said he didn’t know what else to do. Fed up, she jumped out of the truck and went to find a human to eat. Guilt-ridden Jason tried, unsuccessfully, to dodge Hoyt when he showed up at his door later on. Hoyt began crying – sobbing, really – which most certainly didn’t help with Jason’s guilt. I’m really curious what’s going to happen here – Jason admitted to Jessica that he still wants her even though he knows better, and I’m sure Hoyt is going to have to find out eventually.

Jason went to Sookie’s house to get away from Hoyt, and she filled him in on the vampires’ plan to bomb the building that Tara was trapped in. Jason was just as upset about it as Sookie was, and the two of them headed over to Lafayette’s with the news. Jesus said they should go to the Moon Goddess Emporium and he would try the same fancy magic that worked on Mavis to try to get Marnie back in control of her body. Jesus tried to break through the wall of the protection spell, causing Martonia (Marnie/Antonia) to come outside and see what was going on. He said he was there to help, but Martonia said they have enough weak links and they will only let him in if he is strong enough to break through the wall. It looked painful, and Jesus turned into some kind of creepy demon/bull in the process, but he made it through. Lafayette explained that demon/bull head away by saying “it’s a Latin thing.” Not nearly as funny of a line as “You got it, b—-,” but I’ll take it.

Once inside, Jesus convinced Antonia to let him talk to Marnie because she was his friend and he missed her. He then learned that Marnie is the one who is actually behind all of this and proceeded to pass that message, telepathically, to Sookie. Meanwhile, Tara and Holly were still working on that spell to reverse Martonia’s protection spell, and it worked! Well, for a minute. Tara and Holly ran outside (I think Jesus followed, but it all happened so fast that I can’t really remember), and Sookie, Jason and Lafayette ran towards them. Martonia was in the process of reinstating the protection spell and it took effect just as everyone, except Jason, was within the confines of the wall. Martonia then used her fancy teleportation skills to move everyone inside the wall into the building. Jason was left there on the street thoroughly confused.

Back at Chez Bill, everyone was locked in the cell covered in silver for the night planning their next move. Nan told Bill, Eric and Pam that they’ll get the true death when this is over, but that didn’t deter them from their plan of burning down the building. Jessica was just amped to kill people. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say Eric and Bill are friends, I did enjoy seeing them getting along and having a shared mission in mind. I’d love for them to be friends one day, but I’m guessing that won’t happen so long as Sookie is in the picture (and I definitely want her to remain in the picture).

Once night fell, the four of them donned in their black leather fighting clothes and carrying their fire torch gun things headed for the Moon Goddess Emporium. Once they got there, they walked – in slow motion, I might add – towards the building with their torches in hand. Seeing Eric back in his badass wardrobe was a welcome vision, and I must say the look worked quite well for Bill and Jessica too. Pam always wears those clothes, so it wasn’t anything special for her.

So, presumably, they’re going to blow up the building. But thankfully the scenes from next week show that they do learn Sookie is inside. If they weren’t willing to put their plan on hold for Tara, maybe they’ll do so for Sookie. The scenes from next week also showed Sookie sobbing in the way you’d expect her to sob if one of her men was killed, so that worries me a little. Since I’m sure Bill and Eric are fine, I wonder if this means something happens to Tara.

While all of this was going on, the shifters/werewolves and the Bellefleur men were having their own respective situations. Alcide was planning to take Tommy to the hospital after his beating, but he told him to go to Merlotte’s instead. Sam, seemingly putting his anger aside for his dying brother, was visibly heartbroken over his injuries. He wanted to get vampire blood to save him, but Tommy refused it. Alcide said he has a right to choose his time, and Sam obliged. They took him into the bar and laid him on the pool table. Tommy apologized for everything he’s done to Sam and asked that he not forget him too quickly. Sam said he could never forget him and walked away to cry. Alcide called him back over saying Tommy was going and they both stood by his side as he died.

Sam told Alcide he’s going to kill Marcus and Alcide didn’t seem to have any qualms with that. They went together to Marcus’ place but he wasn’t there. Sam said Marcus is the one he really wants but he would settle for the werewolf who was there and was also involved in killing Tommy. Alcide held him in place while Sam beat him. The silver lining of this situation: a werewolf and a shifter are getting along!

Marcus wasn’t around because he was with Debbie. She promised him she didn’t know where Alcide was and would tell him if she did. She told Marcus she knows he doesn’t like him, and he said they have “different philosophies.” She also told him that she and Alcide are very different – she wants to roam with her pack, he wants to be alone. She wants babies, he doesn’t want to put a baby through the pain of being a werewolf. Marcus told her she should hook up with a different werewolf (so much for wanting to patch things up with his wife), but nothing happened with that just yet. I’m guessing next week.

Over at the Bellefleur house, Terry found Andy’s vile of V. He told Andy they’re going to spend the day at their childhood tree house for an intervention, of sorts. Andy said V makes him stronger and a better man, but Terry said that was junkie talk. He did, however, say he would give Andy a chance to prove it to him by shooting tin cans. Andy failed, of course. They argued, they fought, but ultimately Andy said he would stop doing V and would work on being a better uncle to Terry’s kids. Terry said his first test at being a new man would be a sobering walk home, and he left him the woods. I’ve been over the V storyline since it started, so I’m hoping this intervention sticks and we can all move on.

So what are your guesses for next week? Is someone going to die? Will the vampires bring the witches down? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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