True Blood Episode 9: “Let’s Get Out of Here”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Can you believe there are only 3 episodes left? I feel like they have SO MUCH to settle before the season can end!

As you may have guessed, Sookie’s gunshot wound didn’t kill her. I loved seeing Bill care for her, and I loved it even more when she thanked him for the blood and he said “anytime.” (Side note: did anyone else laugh when Alcide asked Bill why Sookie was fighting and Bill said “Werewolf, I’m gonna need you to shut the f— up.”? That probably wasn’t meant to be funny, but I loved it!) In case you missed it last week, I decided I’m over Sookie & Eric and ready for Sookie & Bill to be back on. Alcide told Sookie he’s done with her after she didn’t take her near-death experience as a sign to stay away from “fangers.” Somehow I don’t believe that’ll stick…

Sookie had a sex dream about Bill, which was to be expected after drinking his blood. But what made this one interesting was the presence of Eric. I guess that makes sense too, as she drank his blood the day before. After stopping them from fighting over her, she told them that she doesn’t have to be Eric’s or Bill’s, but rather they can be hers. After some reluctance from the men, they came around and both bit her neck at once, causing Real Sookie to wake up. Surprisingly, I wasn’t really feeling the threesome…I guess maybe because I really am over Sookie & Eric. He just seemed like an obstacle.

Debbie, angry about Alcide sneaking off to help Sookie, dipped back into her V habit. I find her to be somewhat of a pointless character, but I was still sad to see all her progress go down the drain. She went over to Sookie’s house with flowers (did anyone else assume that was a gun she was hiding?) and said she wants to help her out in any way she can. After reading her mind and deciding she was sincere, Sookie took her up on the offer.

Tara is finally coming to her senses about Antonia, but it’s too late. Antonia is keeping all of her once-willing followers captive in the Moon Goddess Emporium, where she’s also keeping a spellbound Eric. Debbie and Sookie show up try to save Eric. Debbie’s job was to distract Antonia while Sookie snuck in the back. Tara pulled a gun on Sookie, and upon seeing this Debbie suddenly switched sides and said she brought the mind reader to the witches. Given that Tara was so mad at Sookie not that long ago, I was worried she might actually try to shoot her. But luckily I was wrong. Tara told Sookie this is the dumbest thing she’s ever done and firmly asked her if she’s even listening, which prompted Sookie to listen to Tara’s thoughts. Tara said they were being held captive and told her where she could find Bill. To make it look like Tara didn’t let her go, she told Sookie to charge her and run. I wonder if Tara did this because Bill saved her life in the cemetery. Or maybe it’s because she realized Antonia is completely nuts and she shouldn’t have teamed up with a witch in the first place.

I couldn’t really tell what Debbie’s MO was in that scene. Was she trying to save herself by handing over Sookie? Was it her plan to get her trapped all along? Did she know Antonia wouldn’t want the mind reader to be killed? So many questions!

Antonia beat Sookie to the hotel where Bill was and had Eric trap the 3 remaining sheriffs so she could put a spell on them as well. Sookie screamed a warning to Bill to run just as the vampires killed his remaining human guards. I don’t know how this scene can possibly turn out ok given how fast Eric and Bill both are. And I especially can’t see how Sookie can survive if she gets in the middle of 2 fighting vampires!

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Lafayette was still possessed by Mavis. She was in Hoyt’s house, certain it was her own, and tried to shoot Hoyt when he showed up. Hoyt called Jason and Andy to come and get the baby back, but that was easier said than done. Arlene and Terry showed up as well, even though Jason told them not to, and Arlene called Jesus to talk some sense into Lafayette. Jesus was the only person who was able to stay inside long enough to make any progress, and he finally made Mavis realize she was in a man’s body and couldn’t have possibly given birth to that child. He told her he would try to use his magic to give her a chance to hold her baby one last time.

If I hadn’t already loved Terry, this scene would’ve really sealed the deal for me. After all of the baby stealing drama, he told Lafayette (not knowing it was Mavis) not to worry about it, that things happen and that he still loves him. Adorable. They all teamed together to dig up Mavis’ baby from the grave in Hoyt’s yard, and then Jesus did some brujo magic and got the spirit out of his body. Surprisingly, everyone was able to see that happen. I’m glad that’s the case, though, because even though that’ll most likely scar them for quite awhile, at least it shows that Lafayette didn’t actually kidnap Arlene’s baby. Also, best line of the night goes to Lafayette for saying “you got it, bitch” after Mavis thanked him for his help.

Hoyt asked Jason to take Jessica’s box of stuff over to Bill’s house on his way home. Jason tried to get out of it, but as Hoyt’s BFF he didn’t really have a choice. Hoyt had labeled the box “For you, Monster” but Jason crossed that out before giving it to Jessica. How cute! He told her he’s there for her if she ever needs to talk but refused to go inside when she invited him it. He said it wouldn’t be a good idea, but he lingered in her doorway a little too long and succumbed to his desires, so to speak. On the one hand, I’m sad that Jason’s friendship with Hoyt is most likely ruined, but I’m glad that he and Jessica finally hooked up. Hopefully I’m wrong about the friendship ruining, but somehow I doubt it.

Tommy, using his new-found reading and writing skills, started leaving a goodbye note for Sam when Marcus came into Merlotte’s. He told Tommy to have Sam meet him at his place later to talk about their problem, which was all the invitation Tommy needed to shift back into his brother and try to hand it himself. Marcus had asked Alcide to be there as a reinforcement since he’s tall and intimidating, but Alcide said it wasn’t his style to fight people he doesn’t have beef with. That’s why I love Alcide, he’s such a good werewolf. Marcus assured him they would just talk and intimidate, but not actually fight. Tommy, in true Tommy fashion, mouthed off to Marcus, resulting in a fight. Alcide tried to stop it by saying Marcus gave him his word, but Marcus didn’t care. They beat on Tommy pretty good, causing him to shift back into himself. Marcus told the others to get rid of him, but Alcide carried him away instead. I’m beginning to wonder if Alcide’s purpose is just to be around when people get hurt and need to be carried.

The scenes from next week, which never really have any info in them, were intriguing! It appears Sam goes to Marcus to fight him for hurting his brother (does that mean they’re friends again!?), and Eric maybe gets shot with a wooden bullet (!). Surely that can’t be what happens, though, because they can’t kill off Eric!

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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