True Blood Episode 8: “Spellbound”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode.

Oh boy! This is getting intense! Actually, it’s been intense the whole time, but now it’s getting CRAZY intense! I tried something new this week and didn’t take notes while I watched (and I must say I enjoyed the episode much more), so let’s hope my memory can keep up!

First of all, Jason and Jessica! Their kiss in Bill’s foyer made me so happy! And did you notice the way he was petting her head as she was feeling guilty about killing the guard? Adorable! I really love them together and hate that it’s complicated by Jason’s friendship with Hoyt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Jason is loyal to Hoyt since their friendship should hold more weight than his blood-induced infatuation, but it’s still an obstacle that I’m not fond of. Poor Jessica had two house invitations rescinded in the same day! I can’t say I blame Hoyt for doing that, and I’m actually glad he stood up for himself, but Jason’s just seemed mean. I’m hoping this isn’t the end of these two. (Side note: was I the only one who was fooled by Jessica’s dream? For a second there I thought Hoyt was really dunzo – but then I realized Jason wouldn’t play the role of Man Meat quite so soon after his BFF’s death).

On a related note, I’ve decided this show really messes with my emotions. Case in point: I’ve been rooting for Eric and Sookie all season, yet somehow I now want her back with Bill. I loved how protective he was of her when she went with Eric to say they want to help him fight the witches. I also loved that she didn’t know what to call him when Eric said “my liege.” Her response of “my…Bill” made me actually laugh out loud.

I realized I was over them as a couple just as soon as Sookie started drinking Eric’s blood. I guess this does come in handy later when he can feel her in pain (except it actually wasn’t all that handy since he was under the witch’s spell), but my gut reaction was to scream “NOOOO!” at the TV. Furthermore, I wasn’t a fan of the V scenes back when Jason was dating that woman in season 2 (I think), and this week was no different. It was a relief that Sookie denied Eric when he suggested they run away together. She was right, he owed it to Bill to help him fight. Plus, Real Eric would never run away from a war.

What was going on with Eric in the cemetery? His evil side was coming back out and Sookie didn’t look thrilled. I was glad to see Bill can still feel when she’s in pain; let’s just hope he can save her. The preview for next week was less than helpful. I would argue, though, that since the show was just renewed for a 5th season, they aren’t going to kill the main character. Speaking of Eric in the cemetery, do we have any ideas as to what Antonia did to him? Surely she didn’t erase his memory again, and his obedience suggests she also didn’t return it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m getting really tired of Tara. I don’t understand her severe hatred of the vampires. I get that she was hurt by that creepy vamp last season, but I feel like everyone in Bon Temps has had a bad vampire experience. It’s hardly a reason to hate them all with such an intense passion. Clearly I’m biased here, but I stand by this opinion. I hope that the fact Bill saved her from Pam means she may reconsider her position in this war. Or at the very least reconsider her position in her friendship with Sookie.

I guess I should touch on some of the other characters for a moment. Let’s start with the werewolves: I might be imagining this (or maybe I’m dead on), but it seems to me that Debbie is kind of into Marcus. This doesn’t bother me as I’m not a fan of her. Plus it would open Alcide up for some more hands-on involvement in the Sookie love parallelogram.

Moving on to the shifters: I’m glad Sam and Luna have patched things up, even though there’s now the Marcus obstacle. The actress who plays Mrs. Fortenberry was highly entertaining in her portrayal of Tommy. That might be the first time I’ve actually liked her.

There was no Jesus and Lafayette storyline this week, and just as I suspected, I didn’t miss it. But, Lafayette’s new-found identity as a medium was put to use – he’s now possessed by the random French-singing lady who thinks Baby Mikey is hers. On the bright side, I think we’ve nearly confirmed that baby Mikey is normal and it’s that doll we need to be worried about. Although I guess we still need an explanation as to why Mikey can see the ghost woman.

So, what do we think is going to happen next week??? Will Bill save Sookie with his blood? And will that mean the start of their relationship again? Or will Alcide be a new obstacle? So many questions!


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