The Challenge: Rivals, Week 8

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

This was quite an episode! And boy, was there drama – from the minute the show began to the minute it ended, the craziness didn’t stop. One by one, cast members literally lost their minds.

What better way to celebrate a trip to Argentina than a toga party? Like any other Challenge party, there was a LOT of drinking, a LOT of making out and a LOT of… whipping? This would only happen on MTV. The party turned from awesome and fun to weird and miserable really quickly.

Mike was the first to lose his cool. After the toga party, the boys decide it’s a good idea to throw cookies at Mike while he’s in bed sleeping. He loses it! Yells, screams, storms out of the room, etc. To make matters worse, Mike gets angry at Leroy for not defending him because “they are boys.” Poor Mike sleeps in the pool house.

The next day, the cast arrives in Argentina and are dropped off at an amazing villa, similar to your typical real world houses. Once again, more people completely lose their minds – Evelyn climbs a pillar inside the house, Paula and Kenny wrestle, Tyler and Cara Maria scream for no reason, pillow fights ensue, mattresses get thrown; basically Argentina is chaos.

And then the bullying begins. First Wes pours a full two-liter bottle of soda on Cara Maria’s head and white dress (because that’s what adults do!). Adding to the drama, Paula cheers him on. Laurel tries to defend her partner and Wes’s only come back is to say that no one likes her. Wes, Johnny, Tyler and Paula won’t let it go so Laurel continues arguing with them in defense of Cara Maria.

I didn’t think this was possible, but the bullying turns even uglier and Laurel attacks Paula where it really hurts, at the core – her anorexia. Anyone who has watched Real World knows that Paula suffered from severe anorexia during her season in Key West. It was heartbreaking to watch and with the help of her cast mates, she began to get help. It’s the one place that gets her every single time and Laurel knew it. She threw in some other dumb insults, but this took it too far. Tyler stepped in to defend Paula while she was hysterically crying on Evelyn’s shoulder.

All in all, Argentina was a disaster.

The Challenge – “Bombs Away”

The goal of this challenge is to get into the water as fast as possible – one partner is strapped to the bottom of a helicopter, while the other partner must climb a 20-foot rope and pull a rip cord to release their hanging teammate. Once released, the person who climbed can jump in the water. The time ends when both players hit the water. If someone falls into the water before releasing their partner, they are automatically disqualified. One interesting thing I noticed was that the girls were climbing a ladder, while the guys had a rope with knots.This week is the final guys challenge and they are playing for a spot in the final. The girls are playing for $2,000.

Evelyn & Paula get to pick the order since they won the last challenge, obviously putting Laurel & Cara Maria first after last night’s fight.

In a shocking turn of events, C.T. & Adam are the only team to DQ when C.T. falls into the water AND rookies Mike & Leroy win, forcing The Mob to vote against each other for elimination.

Wes & Kenny and Johnny & Tyler think it’s only fair that the four of them sit down and make a decision amongst themselves. But T.J. has other plans and throws out a huge curveball: as soon as the winners are announced, he says that there is no deliberation and each team is voting right there. Most people are distraught; C.T. on the other hand couldn’t be more excited to see The Mob have to throw each other under the bus.

Here is how the voting broke down:

  • Paula & Evelyn – Johnny & Tyler. Paula is shocked and says this is her worst nightmare, not voicing an opinion at all. Eventually Wes tells Evelyn to speak up and she votes for on behalf of her and Paula.
  • Jenn & Mandi – Kenny & Wes
  • Laurel & Cara Maria – Johnny &Tyler. As much as they hate Wes, especially for the soda incident, they like Kenny and won’t vote him in.
  • Mike & Leroy – Johnny &Tyler
  • Johnny &Tyler – Wes & Kenny
  • Wes & Kenny – Johnny &Tyler
  • C.T. & Adam – don’t have to vote since it’s already been decided.

T.J. reminds Johnny &Tyler what it’s like to face C.T. in an elimination round as both of them have been crushed by C.T. in the past. Johnny &Tyler are so pissed at all their friends – Tyler says Evelyn stabbed them in the back and by Paula not speaking up she make her choice; Johnny barely says two words to Kenny.

Later that night Tyler confronts Paula and says he’s really upset because she is his best friend on the Real World, and thought that meant something. Paula tells him they are like family but Kenny has had her back in these challenges more, which further upsets Tyler and “hurts even more than the vote.”

Back to the elimination round: Out of fear of losing to C.T., the genius Mob comes up with another brilliant plan. They realize they have to mentally break Adam down. All of the sudden he is winning challenges because of his partner, has a girl in the house, and has a lot of friends, which breaks down to having a lot of confidence going into The Jungle. While out at a local bar, one by one The Mob approaches Adam. C.T. overhears their conversations and steps in eventually getting in a verbal fight with Kenny and Johnny. Just as things were getting heating, the show ends.

The scenes for next week look crazy – more fighting, an insane jungle, and a tough final challenge. Can’t wait!

Now that the final is here and teams have been narrowed down, I ask you once again: Who is your favorite to win?


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