True Blood Episode 7: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode.

I’m so over these witches. I’m hoping that in the Witches v. Vampires war, the vampires annihilate every last one of them. And this may be an unpopular opinion, but if Tara insists on trying to fight, maybe it’s ok if they kill her. No? We’re not there yet? Fair enough.

The Witches v. The Vampires

Let’s start here as it was the biggest part of the episode. Under Antonia’s spell, Luis went to Bill’s office and shot him with (probably) a silver bullet. Bill got the upper hand, though, and held a stake over Luis while asking him what Antonia wanted. Luis told Bill she was back for a resurrection and then staked himself.

Bill updated Jessica on the situation, explaining that Antonia wants all vampires to meet the sun so she can finish what she started in 1610. It turns out all the vampires who came out into the sun while she was burning were under her spell to do so. I guess I missed that detail the first time, but it makes sense. Bill gathered all the sheriffs and told them they need to silver themselves when they sleep so they won’t be pulled into the sun by the spell.

Bill even went to Sookie’s to warn Eric! Who can hate Bill after that? It would’ve been so easy for him to just let Eric fall under the spell and die, but he didn’t do that. He explained that Eric would be safest if he went with him, but just as Bill suspected, Eric said he wasn’t going to leave Sookie. Bill told Sookie “if you care anything for him you will do this, or it will be his last day on Earth” and left chains for him.

Enter Tara: I have to say, for someone who is so anti vampires, I would think she would want to avoid all supernaturals. But no. She’s definitely Team Witch in this crazy war. She met Antonia who successfully recruited her to help “exact retribution” on the vampires. Tara, in turn, also recruited Holly and several other Bon Temps residents to help out.

Bill’s guards finished lightproofing his house while he tied down his baby vamp with silver chains. Sookie was also chaining Eric in preparation for sunrise. She told him she’s lost too many people in her life and can’t lose him too. I just love their relationship so much, but more on that later.

I guess being chained in silver is too painful of an experience to sleep though because Bill and Jessica spent their day (er..their night?) talking. He apologized for causing her pain both in her human life and as a vampire. She told him to never be sorry because she loves her new life. Bill told Jessica to think of Hoyt and the life she’ll go back to after they survive this. She confided in him that she doesn’t think she can go back to Hoyt because she doesn’t love him they way he loves her.

Over at Sookie’s, Eric was begging her to remove the silver but she told him she wouldn’t do it because she wouldn’t forgive herself if he met the sun. She told him about the only other time she saw him under silver – back in season 2 at the church/cult place. She said he offered himself in exchange for Sookie and Godric, and he asked why she didn’t love him after that. She said all the bad things he had done outweighed that good one, and he told her he doesn’t want his memory back because he’s perfectly happy as he is with her. I see his point: if Old Eric was too awful for Sookie to love, why would he want to be that guy again? But that would be too easy so obviously Old Eric is coming back eventually.

Back at Marnie’s establishment, Antonia and her recruits started their spell. Wind started blowing, Antonia started levitating – you know, typical witch stuff. Jason went over to Sookie’s house to tell her he’s not a werepanther, but he saw the blood on her clothes and wanted to know what was going on. Sookie quickly explained the witch thing as the wind started blowing through her house. She promised Jason she would be fine and ran back down to Eric. Jason immediately thought about Jessica and made a B line over to Bill’s house to protect her. Isn’t he adorable??

Antonia's levitation

Bill and Jessica were screaming in pain and Jessica managed to free herself from her chains. She killed a guard so she could get out of the cell, and even Bill commanding her as her maker to stay didn’t work. That spell must be strong! Jessica crawled up from the basement towards the door while Jason got trampled by a guard outside. The episode ended with Jessica opening the door and seeing the sun. But there didn’t appear to be any grieving in the scenes from next week, so I’m hoping that means Jason saved her.

Sookie & Eric, pre-witch spell

Eric and Sookie were wasting no time with their hookups! They were in the woods, in Sookie’s foyer, in the living room and in her bed. Afterward, Eric was lying on Sookie’s chest (awww) and said her heartbeat felt like his own heart was beating. Swoon! He asked her if she wants him to remember again and she said of course she does but she doesn’t want things to change. He told her if he remembered again it would definitely change him and asked if she would still want him. She told him she doesn’t know because he’s done a lot of bad things to her and people she loves, but she hopes she would still want him because she knows that day will come.

As a big supporter of Sookie and Eric as a couple, I don’t really want him to get his memory back. But, at the same time, I kind of do. Mostly because I want to see how it affects their relationship – will he remember all the sweetness? Will he be a jerk again? Will they last? So many questions!

Alcide & Debbie

They were initiated into the Shreveport pack by having deer blood smeared on their face (not a hot look for anyone). Alcide was sitting off to the side during the celebration and Debbie knew he was thinking about Sookie being alone in the woods on a full moon. He apologized to Debbie for ruining her night and started walking back to the party, but being the supportive girlfriend that she’s trying to be, Debbie said they can take ten minutes to go look for her. They found her and Eric together, clearly not in any danger, and Alcide looked hurt.

Later on, Alcide and Debbie were unsuccessfully making love. Alcide asked what’s wrong and she said she kept thinking about Sookie and Eric. She asked Alcide if he’s in love with Sookie and he told her she’s imagining things. She cried and asked if that’s the case then why is she feeling this way, so Alcide told her he worries for Sookie but that’s as far as it goes. He assured her there’s only one girl in he loves and that he’s hers forever.

I guess it’s implied that the “one girl” he loves is Debbie, but I couldn’t help but notice he didn’t actually say her name…

Sam, Tommy & Luna

Tommy didn’t die last week after all! Sam took him to the hospital and the doctor said he had food poisoning. When Sam asked what happened, Tommy said he went for the full moon run alone and must have eaten something bad. Liar! He should know by now that lying will get him nowhere!

Sam called Luna, obviously unaware that she thinks he was a jerk to her. She made her anger clear by saying “How can I say this in a way you won’t misinterpret? F—. You.” Later on, Sam went to go see her and she asked him if he remembers anything from the last 24 hours. She reminded him of everything that happened and he figured out that Tommy must’ve shifted into him.

Back at his place, he asked Tommy if he was planning to kill him and take over his life. Sam strangled him as he tried to say he didn’t mean to do it. Sam said he wants Tommy gone forever, and when Tommy begged him to remember how sorry he is, Sam said “I wish I could forget every f—ing thing about you.” Ouch. Just when they were starting to get along Tommy had to go and mess it all up!


In case anyone forgot how hot Jason is, the writers decided to have him doing handstand pushups. And he did them quite well, I must say.

He was trying – unsuccessfully – to get Jessica out of his head. Hoyt showed up to check in on his transformation into werepanther. Jason clearly didn’t want Hoyt there since he was feeling guilty about all his Jessica thoughts, but Hoyt wasn’t leaving. He started talking about how he thinks he’s losing Jessica, so to avoid conversation, Jason said he would make them sloppy joes.

I love Jason. He wants to be a good friend to Hoyt but there’s just too much of Jessica’s blood in him for that.

Lafayette & Jesus

I’m going to skip over this part since A) I’m over it, and B) nothing really happened. Basically all we learned here is that Lafayette is a medium. Apparently that means he can see the creepy ghost lady that possessed baby Mikey can see.


Pam nearly killed Tara in her fit of anger about the spell cast on her. She’s convinced Tara was behind it, which is why I’m surprised Tara is trying to align herself with the witches. If it were me, I would focus on trying to convince the angry, rotting vampire that I’m not a witch rather than joining them. But hey, that’s just me…

That doctor lady who helped Sookie in season 2 when the maenad scratched her back is now helping Pam with her decomposing issue. The doctor told Pam that she can’t reverse the spell but she can give her a series of shots to make her pretty – or at least as pretty as she was – again.


Next week looks like there’s going to be a full blown war in the cemetery. I wonder what’ll happen when Tara and Sookie see they’re fighting on opposing teams…

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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