Weeds: Heylia’s Back!

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers.

I hope the arrival of Heylia and Dean means this season is turning around! It’s nearly half over and I feel like nothing substantial has happened. I guess it’s progress that Scott (Nancy’s brother-in-law) let Nancy see Stevie, but I’m still really unhappy with the Nancy-Silas dynamic.

Like I said before, I understand his anger towards his mother but I want them to get along! Just when it looked like they were making progress – his character witness speech to the judge was much more touching than expected – they have to throw a huge wrench in the situation. By this I mean the revelation that Nancy never told Judah he isn’t Silas’ biological father.

But now Heylia is back! She was (very) resistant to supply Nancy with weed but ultimately said she would do it in exchange for keeping Silas around to help her for awhile. I wonder if Heylia will have a large role for the rest of this season given the fact that she’s in California and Nancy is still living in a halfway house in New York City. I guess having Silas stay with her helps with that.

Over in Andy’s world, he got the money he needs to start his bicycle business. The catch, though, is that Shane wants it to be a front to launder the drug money. Poor Andy wants to be legit but that’s just not the Botwin way.

So, as disappointed as I’ve been this season, I’m holding out hope that it’ll turn around. Let’s take a moment to reflect on one of the finer moments of an earlier season with this gem of a video:


If you’ve been watching, what are your thoughts on the season so far?


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