Breaking Bad Episode 3: “Open House”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode.

Breaking Bad is just a really amazing show. There’s really no arguing that. Some people find it to be too slow-paced, but I think the payoff in the end is always great, even if it’s hard to deal with week to week. Those who rank it among the greats like The Wire and The Sopranos are really on to something (Full disclosure: I haven’t actually watched The Sopranos, but enough people have told me it’s great that I feel comfortable confirming it).

In this week’s episode, Skylar White showed us that she’s a force to be reckoned with. She insisted that they not give up on buying the car wash from Bogdan, despite the fact that he told her he wanted $20 million for it. Skylar got Saul to send someone to the car wash to pose as an inspector who tells Bogdan he needs to shut down and replace his entire water system. Skylar insists to Walt that Bogdan will call her about buying the car wash, and when he does Skylar changes her offer from $879,000 to $800,000. After initially saying no, Bogdan ultimately accepts. Skylar – 1, Bogdan – 0.

Walt & Skylar meeting with Saul to discuss the car wash situation

Meanwhile, Marie is going to various open houses and making up entire life stories that aren’t her own. Her game comes undone when the real estate agent from House #2 notices that she stole a silver spoon and finds her at House #3 telling the owners a story completely different than what she told her. The agent follows Marie outside as she’s trying to sneak away and tells her she called the cops. Marie tries to leave and the agent says she has to stay as she grabs her purse, which spills open revealing more stolen items. Marie calls Hank from jail and he calls his cop friend to help her out.

I’ll agree that was kind of nuts of Marie, but in her defense Hank is really quite awful to her, so I can understand her desire for an escape. I get that he’s depressed but the extremely negative attitude has got to be draining for everyone. The cop who helped Marie out later shows up at their house to ask Hank for some advice on Gale’s murder case. He brings Hank a copy of a book about a meth superlab so he can give some insight. I’m really hoping that this small step back into work will result in an attitude adjustment for Hank.

Marie presenting Hank with a gift that he ultimately complains about

Meanwhile in Jesse’s world, he still has a house full of people constantly partying. People are drinking, doing drugs, dancing, sleeping, having sex…they’re doing everything you could possibly imagine without ever seeming to stop and take a break. I’m sure Jesse likes to keep his house full of people so he doesn’t have time to stop and think about how miserable he is, but I find his house to be thoroughly depressing.

I wish Jesse and Walt were better friends. I was glad to see them getting along (as well as they do) after work one day, but I wish it was more real. I think Jesse really needs the friend, and frankly so does Walt.

I also wish Skylar and Walt would get back together. Logistically it just makes sense. They’re buying a car wash together, which doesn’t really seem like something a separated couple would do together. Even if they aren’t in love anymore, I think they should get back together for the sake of appearances.

But, despite all the things I think, I trust the writers of this show wholeheartedly. They are clearly not amateurs so I won’t question their decisions. I’m just excited to see where this season goes.


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