True Blood Episode 6: “I Wish I Was the Moon”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from last night’s episode.

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear already, I’m a BIG supporter of Eric and Sookie. Last week’s episode ended with their much anticipated make-out session, and this week’s episode picked right back up with it! And it only got better from there… But we’ll get to that later.

Eric, Sookie and Bill

As I mentioned, the episode started with their heavy petting session that was so rudely interrupted by Bill. Eric went straight into protective mode and the two began to fight. Just as Eric was ready to stake Bill with a fire poker (he’s so resourceful), Sookie informed him that he’s the king. Nice Eric immediately bowed down and said, “My liege, forgive me.” That right there should have shown Bill that Eric is not a threat, but it did not.

Back at Bill’s place, where he had Eric locked up in a cell, Sookie pleaded for his release saying “If you ever loved me, you won’t hurt him.” Personally, I think Sookie needs to stop playing the “if you ever loved me” card, but I guess if it works, it works. But in this case, it didn’t. Bill told her to, for once, stay out of vampire affairs and informed his guards to have her arrested for trespassing if she ever sets foot on his property. Harsh.

Eric & Bill

Eric, in his cell, quickly realized he wasn’t alone – Pam was there too. She tried to convince him that they need to escape, to which Eric replied “That’s treason.” Pam informed him that he hates Bill’s guts and that once they’re out they’ll get his old life back. But Eric doesn’t want his life back and he doesn’t want to know what he’s done. He told her “I’m not the vampire you think I am. Not anymore.” Good for you Eric! Good for you!

Bill called Nan Flanagan and essentially lied to her about Eric’s current state in order to get permission to impose the true death. He told her Eric is infected and dangerous. Ugh, please. If by infected he means he doesn’t remember anything, and by dangerous he means super obedient and not at all a danger.

Terry, Arlene & their possessed (?) baby

Back in the world of creepy babies, Terry and Arlene awoke to see their house on fire. Baby Mikey wasn’t in his crib, causing Arlene to freak out. Terry carried her outside and said he would go back in for Mikey, but once they were outside the house semi exploded. Just as Arlene began to lose it, her two older kids told her Mikey was safe and was already outside in the grass with his doll when they got there. How does a baby get out of his crib, let alone out of the house? Standing outside with everyone was a random ghost (I think) woman who only Mikey could see. She waved at him and he giggled, but when Arlene went to look at what it was, there was nothing there.

Come morning, everyone was still outside sorting through events of the spontaneous fire, and Andy Bellefleur accused Sam, who happens to be the landlord, of skimping on smoke detectors. Sam is tired of Andy giving him grief all the time, so he told him if he doesn’t leave him alone he’ll turn into a Doberman and chew his face off. It must be nice to have that option when people annoy you.

Tommy & Sam

Since he needed to stick around and sort out some landlord-type things with the fire, Sam called Tommy, who’s still guilt-stricken from killing his parents, to open the bar. After cursing himself a bit in the mirror, Tommy shifted into Sam. If you remember, Luna had told Sam awhile back that if a shifter kills a member of their family, they gain the ability to shift into other humans. I have a feeling this ability is not going to be good for anyone involved.

Case in point: Sookie went to talk to Sam to ask for the day off, saying it was a matter of life and death. Tommy, who looks like Sam, fired her and told her he doesn’t get why everyone treats her like she’s so special. Seemingly more comfortable in Sam’s body, Tommy walked over to Mrs. Fortenberry in the bar. She told him Tommy is dumber than a bucket of spit and just as useful and that next time Sam sees him to let him know he’s dead to her. Ouch.

I just want to point out that Sam Trammell, the actor who plays Sam Merlotte, is fantastic! If shifting into people was possible, Tommy wouldn’t have acted exactly like Sam just because he was in his body. Sam Trammell did an amazing job acting like Tommy, from the way he walked and talked to the douchey attitude. Kudos to him!

Lafayette & Jesus

I love Lafayette, but I must say I’m getting tired of this storyline. It’s certainly not lacking excitement, but I’m ready for it to sort itself out.

Lafayette and Jesus went to Mexico to see Jesus’ grandpa, who is still angry with Jesus and less than helpful. He told them to bring him a sacrifice and then he’ll see about helping. Lafayette and Jesus went to a field and waited for a sacrifice to come to them, which happened in the form of a rattlesnake. Gross. They took the snake to Grandpa, who forced it to bite Jesus and then told Lafayette to care for him. Lafayette saw a spirit on the other side of the room who entered his body and took over. Suddenly Lafayette was speaking fluent Spanish and calling himself Tio Luca. Crazy! Jesus seemed to be getting better and Tio Luca left Lafayette’s body, leaving both of the men extremely confused. I know I said I’m tired of this storyline but I guess I’m a little curious to see what happens with this.

Tara & Naomi

Tara was staying at Lafayette’s after her fight with Sookie last week, and Naomi showed up banging on the door. Tara explained everything to her, but she was still angry about being Tara’s “escape.” Just as Naomi was about to leave, Tara told her she knew she didn’t drive all the way there just to tell her to f— herself, to which Naomi responded by tackling her to the ground. What looked like the beginning of a fight turned into make-up sex.

Later, they went to Merlotte’s for dinner and Jessica was their server. Or at least she was until she sensed something and bolted out of the restaurant (we’ll get to what that one in a minute). After they ate, Naomi and Tara were outside having a conversation about whether Tara was going back to New Orleans. Pam, who Eric convinced Bill to release (again, more on that later), showed up ready to take revenge on Tara for what happened to her face. We didn’t see what happened with that yet, but I think the chances are good that Tara survives. After all, Pam is literally falling apart.

Sookie & Jason

Sookie went to Jason’s house looking for him and found him handcuffed to his bed waiting to turn into a werepanther. She didn’t believe Jason at first, but quickly realized he was serious about being turned and promised to help him, despite the fact that he was begging her to leave before he shifts and hurts her.

Later on, they sat outside drinking beers and Jason asked Sookie to shoot him in the head when he turns. Obviously she told him she wouldn’t do that, to which Jason replied that “helping him” didn’t mean changing his kitty litter. Even in the midst of turning into a werepanther, Jason is still hilarious. He asked Sookie to go grab him another beer and used that opportunity to run away from her. She came back outside, picked up a shotgun, and went after him.

Alcide & Debbie (& Sookie)

Alcide came home and found Debbie talking to Marcus Bozeman, the packmaster of Shreveport we had the pleasure of meeting last week. Debbie joined the pack behind Alcide’s back and explained to him that she needs the community because she doesn’t want her entire life to revolve around Alcide. Their fight didn’t last long.

On their way to their pack meeting, they ran into Sookie in the woods. Sookie asked them if it’s possible to be turned into a werewolf or werepanther, and they assured her it didn’t work that way. In order to be a were-anything, at least one of the parents has to be full-blooded. This means Jason can’t be a werepanther BUT he technically could’ve still fathered some werepanther babies during his mass-rape.


Another piece of the story that I’m getting tired of…I guess witches just aren’t my thing. Unless they’re erasing Eric’s memory and making him super adorable.

Still locked in a cell at Bill’s, Marnie was cutting her arms and asking for the spirit of Antonia to enter her. She had flashes of Antonia back in the 1600s being raped by vampire priests and then burning to death. She “woke up” from her vision and saw Antonia standing in her cell just before she entered her body. So now we’ve got Antonia to deal with. Oh boy!

Awhile later, one of Bill’s guards was watching Marnie (aka Antonia) on the monitor, who was staring right back at him like she could see him. He went down to her cell fully aware that it was actually Antonia and began threatening her. Antonia, however, quickly subdued him, showing just how scary/powerful these witches are.

Tommy, Sam & Luna

Luna showed up at Sam’s door tell him she was tired of waiting and was ready to have sex with him. Mind you, the “Sam” she was talking to was Tommy, but he wasn’t about to say no to Luna’s completely open shirt. After sleeping together, Luna told Sam/Tommy that it wasn’t what she expected; instead it felt like they were strangers meeting for the first time. She asked him if he was ready to shift and go for a run, but he suddenly got really mean and told her to leave. He told her she got what she came for and to get out of his house. Just after a very hurt Luna left, he began shifting back into himself and puked. I hope the real Sam is somehow able to smooth things over with her quickly…he really deserves to catch a break in the love department!

Jason & Jessica

A still-human Jason was roaming around the woods yelling out that he’s a cop and a werepanther in an effort to scare anything away. Jessica, who sensed his danger back at Merlotte’s, showed up to help him. He began having a panic attack that she helped him through by telling him to think of some place happy, beautiful and safe. Naturally, Jason focused on her breasts. She told him the night she was turned was the scariest night of her life and she wasn’t going to let him go through that alone. Awww.

They lied in the grass for awhile and Jason decided nothing was going to happen because the people of Hot Shot are so dumb they can’t even make a werepanther right. Jason asked Jessica if she would go back to being human if she could, and she said no. She said there are things she misses but she loves being strong and fast and has an endless world now. He told her he used to wonder why Sookie got to be special and he didn’t, prompting Jess to remind him that he was a star football player and has slept with all the pretty girls in 100 miles. She said, “Look at you, how could you not think you’re special?” They appeared to be falling for each other (the blood has that effect), so Jason quickly got up to go. They both seemed frazzled and decided not to tell Hoyt about their evening since it would just worry him for no reason. I’m excited to see where this story goes!

Bill & Eric

Bill, who apparently got permission to impose the true death on Eric, was waiting outside for his guards to bring him out. After being informed of his punishment, Eric accepted it. He said he was told he used to be a barbarian and doesn’t deserve mercy. He only asked that Bill release Pam since she couldn’t be a threat at the rate she’s decomposing (tell that to Tara!) and to tell Sookie that he was born the night she saved him and he died knowing what it meant to love. He also told Bill that he could see Sookie still cares for him and he hoped that after he’s gone they can find their way back to each other. Bill asked why he would say that and he says Sookie deserves happiness with whoever can give it to her. How can anyone not love Nice Eric?!

That line clearly saved his life. While in the woods searching for Jason, Sookie found Eric. He told her Bill set him free and they began kissing. We saw Bill on his porch looking as though he has lost Sookie forever. I’m not convinced their love triangle is over. Meanwhile, Sookie and Eric were in the grass by the lake FINALLY having sex. The moment Eric/Sookie fans have been waiting for for three and a half years! I’m BEYOND excited, but I’m also worried. Sookie’s gran warned her last week not to give her heart to this new guy because it wouldn’t last. I just hope that once Eric gets his memory back, he can somehow remember this time with Sookie. I’m not ready for it to end!

Here’s a video of Eric & Sookie’s love scenes from last night in case you want to relive the moment.



Did you watch? What did you think? And what do you think is on tap for next week? The season is now half over and so much has happened! That only means there’s so much more to come!



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