The Challenge: Rivals, Week 6

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

Last night’s episode of The Challenge was pretty eventful – we saw some drama in the love department and the mob finally begins to crumble. We all knew it was coming. Read on for more.

The Challenge – “Catch & Release

It always amazes me how many people on these challenges are afraid of heights – you would think by now they would either have gotten over it or wouldn’t sign up to compete anymore.  With Catch & Release, teammates had to face their fears one more time. One partner was suspended 30 feet above the water. The second partner starts on a platform and had to run and jump to their teammate; grabbing on and swinging across the water. Once they thought they were far enough, they pulled the release. When the team hit the water, they had to swim as fast as possible to the finish buoy. This challenge was all about timing – teams needed to swing far, but not too far.

Jenn and Mandi get to pick the order since they won the last challenge. And even though Mandi has a thing with C.T. and Jenn has a thing with Adam, they put them first to not mess with their alliance. Mandi is hesitant, but Jenn says they have to do it no matter what. So once again, C.T. & Adam go first, setting the pace for the other teams.

The challenge ends up being pretty close, but The Mob is confident that one of them beat C.T. & Adam, so they put their bring down C.T. plan into place. Unfortunately for Nehemiah, Evan throws the challenge and looks like a chump in the process. I know the guys say they are just looking out for their alliance, but in reality they are scared to death of facing C.T. Nehemiah is here to win the money, and Evan is here to be a little bitch (so, I agree with Nehemiah on this one).

At this point Kenny is the “DQ King,” but somehow he & Wes manage to pull out the win, which means the plan finally worked, or so they think. Evan & Nehemiah are automatically going into The Jungle and The Mob will get all of their loyal followers to vote in C.T. & Adam.

Not that anyone cares, but Cara Maria & Laurel win for the girls, and take home $2,000.

The Jungle – “Rail Slide”

When the teams walked into The Jungle tonight there was a crazy contraption and I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. It turned out to be a pretty interesting event. Both players were hanging from a pipe 25 feet above the ground, and had to slide their pipe together from one side of an obstacle course to the other. The first team to slide their pipe to the end of the obstacle course wins.

From the get go I thought C.T. & Adam were the clear winners of The Challenge, and once again proved why. Evan is too weak to do anything, and could barely get down the rail. Most importantly, this elimination round took a lot of teamwork, which Evan & Nehemiah clearly do not have. C.T. & Adam on the other hand got into a great rhythm, in this particular event and the challenge overall, and won, sending Evan & Nehemiah home. C.T. & Adam are a force to be reckoned with and I think the other teams know it.

I was THRILLED to see The Mob broken up. They make these games not fun – every single challenge you know they are going to try to control the game; bringing their friends to the end, even when they may not be the best competitors. Often we see them screwing their friends – hello Paula – but it continues to happen again and again. I don’t understand the power they have over everyone!


Once again, we see the love triangle between C.T., Laurel and Mandi continue to develop. This time things are a little different. Last week we found C.T. flirting with Mandi and now C.T. has moved on to Laurel. As we saw before, Laurel was after him at the bar and it looks like C.T. took the bait. Mandi gets SUPER jealous, but claims that she’s not. Anyone surprised here? The girl moves on pretty quickly though and ends up in Wes’s bed. They of course, hook up. Just another day on The Challenge…

Also I’m a bit confused because last week Jenn claims to not be interested in Adam, yet she’s seen sleeping in his bed again. I realize these people get lonely on the challenges and alcohol tends to play a role, but make up your mind Jenn!

In the hate department, Nehemiah is pissed at Evan for throwing the challenge. And reasonably so! On most of these shows, Nehemiah tends to stick with his friends and not get involved with the BS. This time being Evan’s partner, he had no choice. Evan was overly confident in his abilities and lost Nehemiah some money as the result. I realize Nehemiah could have spoken up at some point and said no I do not want to throw this challenge, but that never happened. Either way, I’m on his side…


Last week I took a step back and was unsure of my favorites, and I don’t think I should have been. C.T. & Adam are the winners – no doubt in my mind. The other guys’ teams may win a challenge from time to time but none of them are as consistent as C.T. & Adam. The girls’ race is still completely up in the air. Paula & Evelyn are still very good, but no longer a stand out. It’s anyone’s game at this point for the girls.


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