True Blood Episode 5: “Me and the Devil”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from last night’s episode.

So much excitement – and lots of great quotes – in one short, little hour! Let’s jump right in!

Tommy Mickens killed his parents

Yikes, right? The episode picked up with Jo Lee attempting to strangle Tommy with a chain. Tommy pretended to pass out and then sneak-attacked his dad, much to his mother’s dismay. After a few minutes of fighting, Tommy got the upper hand and managed to kill both of his parents. He didn’t seem bothered by killing his dad, but he was devastated that he hurt his mom.

He took his parents’ bodies over to Sam’s house for help. I must say, it’s not the best circumstance, but I was glad to see Sam and Tommy being brotherly. I was worried Sam would send him away, but he didn’t. Yay, progress! While driving somewhere to dump the bodies, Sam got pulled over by Andy Bellefleur. Sam told Tommy to get in the back, where he grabbed a shovel and prepared to kill Andy if he opened the van. Andy saw blood on the van door and asked Sam to open the back. Obviously, I was expecting Andy to get attacked by a shovel, but instead Tommy shifted into a gator and scared Andy off.

They got the bodies to a lake and threw them in…where they floated. Creepy. Sam threw marshmallows in and within seconds some gators ate them, along with the bodies. Tommy, still distraught, said he knows he’s going to hell, and Sam attempted to make him feel better by saying his actions were done in self defense. He even told his brother that he’s killed people before too and doesn’t let it weigh him down. I’m excited to see what this new brotherly bond turns into!

Amnesia Eric!

I can’t get enough of this new Amnesia-ridden Eric! He’s so sweet and innocent. I know it can’t last forever, but I’m hoping when his memory comes back he doesn’t forget all the niceness!

His storyline started with him dreaming about Godric. They were watching Sookie sleep and Godric said they should drain her together and walk in the sun. Eric said no and Godric told him he’s incapable of love and couldn’t be saved. He forced him to drink her, which caused Eric to wake from his dream and go watch Sookie sleep for real. When she woke up and saw him, he said in his super cute/innocent voice, “I had a bad dream.” He got into her bed, laid in her lap and cried. Sookie comforted him and reassured him that while he’s not Ghandi, he’s also not evil. He asked if he could stay with her until dawn and promised to keep his hands and fangs to himself. He rolled over and assumed the Little Spoon (!!!) position and told her, “I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you.” Cue my heart melting.

There’s more on this storyline, but we’ll come back to that later…

Bill can’t seem to shake Portia

Portia showed up at Bill’s house and immediately tried to kiss him. Still fixated on the fact that they share a bloodline (I can’t say I blame him), he turned her down. She started spouting off facts about incest laws and saying that there are people with a closer relation in Bon Temps who are married. I gotta say, I don’t think justifying incest with more incest makes it OK, but maybe I’m old fashioned. Since she was showing no signs of giving up, Bill decided to glamour her into being completely terrified of him. I hope this marks the end of her character, but it seems too easy. Isn’t she still his lawyer? How can she work for him if she’s too scared to be around him? That should be interesting.

Pam’s sexy face

And by “sexy,” I mean “not so sexy.” She showed up at Bill’s house looking like what he accurately described as a beekeeper. She showed him her face and begged him to take action against that “uppity Wiccan c—” (quite possibly my favorite nickname for any character). She said to him, “I can put up with a lot, but you f— with my face, it’s time to die.” But Bill’s hands are somewhat tied as the American Vampire League doesn’t allow the killing of humans.

He agreed to bring Marnie in and demand that she reverse the spell. She insisted that she doesn’t know how to reverse the spells, even when Bill glamoured her. Realizing the potential permanence of her situation, Pam succinctly said, “F—.”

Jesus and Lafayette fear for their lives

Not to be one-upped by Pam’s great one-liners, Lafayette explained to Marnie, “Hooker, you pissed off another vampire and then you took a godd— nap!” Fearing for their safety, Lafayette and Jesus decided to go to Mexico to stay with Jesus’s grandfather. Lafayette wanted to know why he should feel safe staying with a man Jesus hates, prompting a semi-traumatizing flashback.

Jesus’s grandpa is a Brujo who he hasn’t seen since he was a kid. For his 9th birthday, Jesus received a goat from his grandpa and was excited to finally have a pet. Grandpa, however, had another plan for the goat and forced Jesus to stab it to death. As if that wasn’t bad enough for the kid, he then told Jesus to lick the blood off the knife. Jesus said that doing that made him feel a force of power and he told Lafayette that they need that power now. So, off to Mexico they went!

Sookie and the Wiccans

In her own effort to figure out what happened to Eric, Sookie began talking to Holly, the resident Wiccan at Merlotte’s. Unable to get any info about the night that Eric lost his memory, Sookie started reading Holly’s thoughts and learned Marnie’s name as well as the name of her shop (if that’s even what it’s called).

Sookie went to the Moon Goddess Emporium and asked a very reluctant Marnie for a reading. Marnie told Sookie that she heard the voice of an older person who was very close to her – aka her Gran. She said the spirit is warning her not to give her new love her heart because the situation won’t last (heartbreaking! Why can’t it last?!) Knowing that Sookie would be listening to Marnie’s thoughts, Gran started talking directly to her and told her this woman is a danger and to run, which she did.

Jason isn’t a werepanther – yet!

After finding him on the side of the road, Hoyt and Jessica took Jason back to his house and put him to bed. Still feeling guilty about glamouring Hoyt into forgetting she drank someone else’s blood, Jessica pulled away from him when he tried to hug her. Hoyt decided to stay with Jason that night, presumably so he wouldn’t have to go home with Jessica.

The next day at Merlotte’s, Jason filled Hoyt in on how he was raped one or two dozen times. He told Hoyt that everything bad that has ever happened to him has been because of sex and that God must be punishing him. In his best impression of God, he says, “Jason Stackhouse. You have f—ed too many hot women. Now let’s see how you like it.” When Hoyt told him he thinks he’s being punished too because Jessica won’t sleep with him, Jason accurately pointed out that his lack of sex doesn’t remotely measure up to Jason’s multiple rapes.

Jason overheard Holly saying the full moon is the following night, which sent him straight into a panic. In case you forgot, Jason’s turn into werepanther-ness is supposed to take effect on the next full moon. Hoyt and Sookie both tried to get him to say what’s wrong, but he just ran out in a hurry. Who knows, maybe it didn’t work and he won’t be a werepanther after all! Sigh…dare to dream.

Terry and Arlene’s possessed baby

In an effort to rid their baby of evil, Terry and Arlene decided to have a reverend come pay them a house visit. Reverend Daniels and his wife (and Tara’s mother) Lettie Mae went to their house and sang songs and waved sage around to rid the house of its demons/ghosts.

Later that night, Terry and Arlene were lying in bed enjoying the peacefulness of a silent baby. They talked about how they both feel like everything is going to be OK when they look at each other. It was a sweet conversation, but of course it worried me. It seemed like they were jinxing it, or that it could never be that easy, which became apparent when a matchbook spontaneously caught fire on their dresser.

Yet another Tara and Sookie fight

Tara called her girlfriend, Naomi, and told her she was coming home. Naomi, however, had found mail addressed to Tara Thornton and demanded to know who that was. They didn’t show the outcome of that conversation, but based on Tara’s subsequent talk with Sookie, they haven’t broken up yet.

Tara told Sookie that she loves Naomi and doesn’t want to lose her, so Sookie told her she needs to be honest and maybe she hasn’t lost her yet. Tara tried comparing her lies to Naomi to Bill’s lies to Sookie, but the two are clearly not the same. Sookie tried to send Tara out of the house before Eric awoke and came up from his cubby. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

When Eric came upstairs, Tara flipped out. Fearing they were in danger, Eric’s fangs popped out, which didn’t calm Tara down at all. Sookie tried to explain, but Tara wouldn’t listen. Instead she just reminded them of all the things Eric had done to hurt them, which of course Eric didn’t remember. Before running out, Tara told Sookie she was a hypocrite for preaching honesty and then lying to her about Eric living there.

Jason’s vampire blood-fueled emotions

It was to be expected that after drinking enough of Jessica’s blood to save him, Jason would start having sex dreams about her. He figured out very quickly that he was dreaming so he decided he might as well enjoy it. His subconscious had another idea, though, because Jessica kept talking about Hoyt. Jason finally gets a grip on that, but then Hoyt appeared next to him and made him feel guilty about what he was doing. Jason got rid of that figment just as Jessica started moaning Hoyt’s name. Then, in what ultimately caused Jason to wake up, Hoyt was suddenly on top of him moaning his own name. Needless to say, this new sexual attraction is going to cause some problems for Jason.

What’s an episode of True Blood without an appearance from Alcide?

Alcide was barely in this week’s episode. His storyline was more of an introduction to what we can expect to happen in coming weeks. Marcus Bozeman, the packmaster of Shreveport, went to Alcide’s house to express his anger over the fact that he hasn’t registered with the pack. Alcide said he prefers to be a free agent and when Marcus refused to leave, Alcide made it very clear that he couldn’t intimidate him. I guess we’ll see more on that soon enough.

Eric and Sookie! Bill! Pam! YIKES!

Not a very descriptive heading, I know, but the way their storylines came together at the end of the episode set up some serious intensity for next week!

After Tara’s freakout, Eric was feeling bad about all the pain he’s caused Sookie. He told her, “There’s a light in you that’s beautiful. I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed it out” and walked out of her house. She followed him and told him to please stay. He walked back up to her and they hugged…then she kissed his cheek…and then THEY KISSED! I’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever, so I was beyond elated!

Meanwhile, Bill was meeting with the four remaining sheriffs in Louisiana to decide what to do about Marnie. Pam came back over and expressed her desire to kill her, while accidently letting it slip that she not only knows where Eric is, but that she knows he has no memory. Bill forced her to tell him where Eric is hiding, and Pam did not try to lie. Looking hurt and angry, Bill rushed over to Sookie’s house. In true True Blood fashion, though, we won’t get to see that outcome until next week.


So what did you think? Are you happy Sookie and Eric kissed? Do you think anything else happened before Bill showed up?


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