The Challenge: Rivals, Week 5

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

It’s interesting how the more I write these blogs, the less enjoyable the challenge has become for me. I’ve spent so much time taking notes and analyzing that the things I’ve always loved about the show has somehow disappeared.

Anyway this week’s show started out like any other – DRAMA. This was a weird episode with lots of twists and turns. Here is how it all went down:

The Challenge – “Against the Current”
Let me start by saying this challenge looks freaking awesome and so much fun; like a ride at an amusement park! I think for the first time this season, this is a legit challenge, but it isn’t scary, just well, challenging.

Teams started out paddling their kayaks upstream as hard as they can, without getting pushed out of the zone. Once out of the zone, the kayak had to be turned around, so teams could then paddle towards the finish line. Calculating the results of this challenge seemed a little tricky to me at first, but basically the time fighting the current was deducted from time spent bobbing the rapids. The team with lowest accumulated time wins the challenge. Players that fell out of the kayak, which was inevitable, had 30 seconds to get back to the boat or they were automatically disqualified. This week the girls faced elimination; guys had $2,000 up for grabs. Since Johnny & Tyler won the last challenge, they get to pick order and obviously put CT & Adam first.

This week brought another DQ for Sarah & Katelynn and Kenny & Wes. You can see the frustration across all of their faces. DQs week after week is not the way to win challenges! Once again Johnny & Tyler took home the win for the guys and in a surprising feat, Jenn & Mandi won for the girls. This also happens to mark the first challenge Mandi has ever won, so pretty exciting. And with the DQ, Sarah & Katelynn must face The Jungle.

Back at the house, Wes makes it very clear to Jonna that she and Jasmine don’t stand a chance this week. He says they were voted into the jungle the second they went against “The Mob” last week. Johnny reiterates this during the deliberation, which ends up taking all of 20 seconds. The entire cast was ready to throw Jonna & Jasmine in.

The Jungle – “Unburied”
This elimination round had a couple of fun twists. The morning of The Jungle T.J. shows up at house and says he needs to take one person from each team with him. He doesn’t tell them why, where they’re going, nothing. It is up to the girls to decide which teammate is going and they choose Katelynn and Jasmine.

As we later find out, Katelynn and Jasmine were placed inside boxes and buried under LOTS of hay and dirt. Sarah and Jonna had to start behind the line, run and try to dig up their partner. Some things to note: the buried players couldn’t make any noise AND T.J. wouldn’t tell Jonna and Sarah which pile their partner were in. To make things more interesting, once the partner is dug out, the team must work together to solve what T.J. calls a “very complicated puzzle.” The first team to dig out their partner and solve the puzzle wins.

Sarah & Katelynn are both really good at puzzles and known for their skills, so they think they have it in the bag. As the competition gets closer to the end, Katelynn has a gut feeling that what they’re doing is wrong, but rather than saying something to Sarah, lets it go. Unfortunately for Katelynn, her hunch was right and Jasmine & Jonna win, sending Sarah & Katelynn home.

What would a challenge be without a little drama? The main focus this week was on Jonna & Jasmine’s in-team fighting and Adam’s crush on Jenn.

Turns out, Adam has had a crush on Jenn for three years now and up until this point, has never bothered saying anything about it. It’s kind of sweet! Adam even says that every time Jenn walks in the room he wants to kiss here. Overall, there was a lot of drunken flirting. Eventually they sleep in same bed and hook up! The next morning is a bit sad – Adam tells the guys he’s in love, Jenn tells the girls it was challenge fun. The guys then give Adam some advice, really encouraging him to take it to the next level with Jenn. Unfortunately, Jenn is complaining to girls and being pretty mean, saying she wouldn’t do anything sober. The entire time I was watching, I felt really bad for Adam! He was so heartfelt and Jenn wasn’t having any of it.

In other Jenn news, she was trying to give Jonna & Jasmine some pointers about the game and how to stay safe. Jenn then leaves the room and hell breaks loose between Jonna & Jasmine. Once again, they are fighting with each other, but because they are both really drunk, the whole argument is completely belligerent. Jonna tells Jasmine this kind of BS is why they haven’t talked in two years. Jasmine gets so frustrated, yells “I’m done” and rips her mic off! She then throws things to the ground, breaking them, runs outside and yells about wanting to go home. She completely lost it! Jenn and Evan try their best to calm her down, but what a crazy person! Finally, Evan carries Jasmine back in the house and makes Jonna & Jasmine tell each other what they appreciate about each other… to keep the peace?! It was SO weird. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I am so over their drama. Why are they even still here? Or I guess the better question would be why were they invited in the first place.

I’m questioning my favorites for the first time – C.T. & Adam and Ev & Paula are no longer dominating this game. At this point I think anyone can take home the big money. I think C.T. & Adam’s biggest competition right now is Johnny & Tyler. As far as the girls teams go, I think Jonna & jasmine or Cara Maria & Laurel will be eliminated soon; their time is almost up.

Scenes for next couple of weeks look INTENSE – lots of fighting, lots of drama, lots of drinking, and crazy challenges! The season is only going to get better from here.


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