Weeds: Uncle Andy is Still My Favorite

A couple years ago I decided it was time to pick up Weeds as my new show of choice. This was at a point when many fans had given up on the show, saying it veered too far away from what everyone loved. Since I was starting from season 1, I didn’t let those reviews deter me. And even though I definitely prefer the seasons spent in Agrestic, I haven’t given up on the show yet. It’s possible that has something to do with my undying love of Andy Botwin.

Consistently throughout the series, Andy’s character hasn’t really changed dramatically. He’s always been somewhat of an idiot, slightly impulsive and wholeheartedly devoted to Nancy and her children. I’m one of the fans who can’t wait to see Nancy and Andy get together, despite the fact that he’s her brother-in-law. While this may have been an obstacle in previous seasons, there hasn’t been any mention of Judah Botwin in years so I think it’s a non-issue now. But I don’t want it to be a fling that ends up leaving Andy hurt (I told you, I’m really attached to him) like when she left him a note and went to Mexico. I don’t think they can really be together until she gets some sort of a handle on her life.

Back when they lived in Ren Mar, CA

This season, I’ve found that I’m always a little angry at the end of each week’s episode. I don’t like the tension between Silas and Nancy, for starters. I get that Silas is justified in his anger/resentment towards his mother – she lied to him about who his father is for his entire life – but I don’t like the hostility he has towards her. It’s as though he and Shane switched places this season as to who is going to be the bigger jerk.

I’m also completely over Doug. The show has gotten rid of most of the extraneous characters over the years, but somehow he’s always made the cut. Kevin Nealon is great and all, but I don’t really see the purpose of his character. I do, however, really miss Conrad. I don’t think they ever fully explained where he went, but I always liked him.

And Nancy’s sister, Jill, is just evil. Nancy may not deserve an award for Mother of the Year, but Stevie is her son and Jill shouldn’t prevent her from seeing him via Skype. I mean, what’s the harm in letting them web chat? And what happened to her girls? They’re worse than their mother! Next week’s episode looks like it centers on Nancy trying to see Stevie, so hopefully something will come of that.

I know this show is about Nancy being a drug dealer and not having control over her life, but I’d like to see her get her act together, even just a little bit. But since she’s seems to always be drawn to drug dealing, I don’t really anticipate that happening.



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