True Blood Episode 4: “I’m Alive and On Fire”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from yesterday’s episode.

True Blood is getting weirder and weirder, and yet, I’m more hooked than ever! At first, Bon Temps was only dealing with vampires, which sounded stressful enough. But over time they’ve introduced shape shifters (technically those were there from the start, too), werewolves, werepanthers and now witches. I guess witches are the least random of the group, but they’re certainly causing some problems this season.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know Eric has lost his memory because of a spell put on him by a witch. I must say, I’m really enjoying memory-less Eric. His innocence is adorable, especially last week when he killed Sookie’s fairy godmother and said “Oh…sorry…” with a childlike/devilish smile. Last night’s episode picked up right after that with Eric drunk on fairy blood running around in the woods past dawn and into the daylight. Sookie called Alcide to help her find him before the fairy blood wore off and he burned.

Sookie is a hot commodity this season (or all seasons, one could argue). Eric, even without his memory, loves her, Bill still loves her, and Alcide is worried about her (i.e., he loves her). Alcide expressed his concern over Eric living in Sookie’s house, and she pointed out that he lives with a recovering V addict and attempted murderer, so they’re even. I’m hoping their goodbye hug, and his girlfriend’s apparent jealousy, means there is more Sookie-Alcide action to come!

Just as Eric was trying to convince Sookie to kiss him (and nearly succeeding!), Bill showed up at her house. He was looking for Eric, but Sookie was adamant about not letting him in, even hitting a nerve by saying “What reason do you have not to trust me? When have I ever lied to you? Ever?” Personally, I think her insistence that he not enter really showed her guilt, but Bill ended up leaving.

Speaking of Bill, upon meeting Portia Bellefleur’s grandmother, he learned that she is actually his great great great (great?) granddaughter and promptly ended their tryst. This makes me happy as I really don’t like her at all. But since she’s his lawyer, I’m worried this revelation doesn’t mean the end of her character.

Back in Hot Shot, Jason managed to convince one of Crystal’s younger sisters not to rape him and to let him free instead. Still weak and nearly dead, he built a spear out of wood and killed Felton when he caught up to him. Jason still hates Crystal for what she did to him, which I’m really happy about. He’s been known to be an idiot, so I was worried he would go back to her. He ended up on the side of the road where Hoyt and Jessica found him, and Jessica started feeding him her blood to heal his wounds. I’m curious if this will have adverse effects on him now that’s not really human anymore.

I hate that Jason is turning into a werepanther. I’m hoping the writers are planning a way to reverse that, but I have a feeling you can’t come back from something like that. I like Jason as a human, and if he has to be anything other than human I think werepanther is the worst possible choice. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a say in this.

Elsewhere, Lafayette, Tara and Jesus were trying to convince Marnie, the witch who cast the spell on Eric, to reverse it. Of course, this went horribly wrong and resulted in Pam’s face becoming disfigured. The episode ended on this, so we aren’t sure exactly how bad it is (but the scenes from next week verify that it certainly isn’t good).

Next week looks like it won’t disappoint in the intensity department. Eric might actually get that taste of Sookie he’s been after for so long (but not with her permission, of course), Pam is more ready than ever to kill some witches, Andy finds blood in Sam’s car, and the werewolf “authorities” seem to be coming for Alcide. Any ideas of what’s going to happen?


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