Breaking Bad is Finally Back!

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad.

I recently caught up on – and wrote about – season 3 of Breaking Bad, so thankfully I didn’t have the dreaded year-long wait for season 4. That said, I was just as excited for its return last night as the rest of the world.

In my last post on this show, I know I said I wasn’t 100% sure if Jesse really went through with shooting Gale, but the more I thought about that the more I realized he really didn’t have another choice or any time to wuss out. So I guess it wasn’t surprising to see Jesse really did do it. Instead of running away (it wouldn’t have mattered, everyone on Team Gustavo knew he was going to do it), he sat in his car stunned by his own action and essentially waited to get picked up.

Something I found very interesting about this episode: It seemed very silent. Of course there was speaking, but a lot of what happened was in silence. For example, Hank sat in bed nearly speechless while his wife tried to remain positive about his recovery. Jesse didn’t say a word until the last 10 minutes of the episode. Gustavo, too, didn’t say a word until his last moments on screen. I found this tactic to be really powerful actually, and the fact that it was so successful is a testament to how great this show and the acting is. But if you’ve ever seen the show, you surely don’t need me to tell you that.

Walt and Jesse spent the majority of this episode sitting in the lab waiting for Gustavo to show up and decide their fate while Mike and Victor (Gustavo’s muscle) stood guard. Unprompted, Walt began defending his and Jesse’s lives by saying Gustavo is a businessman who can’t afford to kill the only viable cook he has left. He argued for their lives by saying Gustavo won’t have product without Walt, and he won’t have Walt without Jesse. Victor began that day’s cook so as to not slow down production but also to show Walt that he’s not the only one who can do it.

When Gustavo finally did arrive, he silently changed out of his suit and into protective gear, walked over to a drawer and pulled out a box cutter. As I was watching this, I wasn’t really sure what he was planning to do with the box cutter. I thought maybe he was going to wound Walt and/or Jesse but not actually kill them as that seemed unlikely in the season premiere. Instead, he grabbed Victor from the back, sliced his jugular and held him while he bled out. Jesse, Walt and Mike were all stunned – Mike even pulled out his gun in what appeared to be a reflex. Gustavo then changed back into his clothes, walked up the stairs to leave and said “Well? Get back to work.”

Jesse explained Gustavo’s jugular-cutting actions in terms of what it means for Walt and himself: If I can’t kill you, you’re sure going to wish you were dead.

The season 4 premiere has definitely set up what I’m sure is going to be a fantastic season. I’m excited to see how Walt and Jesse get along and protect their lives, I’m excited to see how Skylar and Walt’s relationship evolves, and I’m excited to see where Hank’s storyline goes.

What did you think of the premiere? Was it worth the wait?


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