The Challenge: Rivals, Week 4

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

This episode picks up right where we left off last week – “The Mob” has the brilliant plan to take C.T. down, or so they think. Since Evelyn & Paula won the girl’s challenge last week, they get to pick this week’s order. As part of the boys’ alliance they agree to make C.T. & Adam go first so they are at a disadvantage and the other guys teams know what time to beat. Evan & Nehemiah will then throw the challenge and lose, automatically sending them into the Jungle. One of the other teams must beat C.T. & Adam, and then the vote will go the way of “The Mob.” Evelyn & Paula don’t think this plan is a good idea and strongly urge the guys to change their minds, but go along with it anyway to keep the peace.

Challenge – “Hammock Crawl”

I think the challenges this season are pretty boring and this week’s was no different. I’m worried MTV may be running out of ideas. Anyway, teams had to crawl from one platform to the other as fast as possible, using the hammocks. Only two hammocks could be touched at one time and both players must be on the same hammock before grabbing for the next one. The other key thing to point out is that players had to complete the challenge in 15 minutes or they were disqualified. This week the girls are playing for $2,000 and the guys are playing for their safety from elimination.

C.T. & Adam went first and flew through the challenge. The guys new they had a tough road ahead of them here. I already agreed with Evelyn & Paula, but at this point I knew “The Mob” was in trouble. Kenny & Wes end up falling immediately, barely even making it to the first hammock, which altered the original plan of attack. Unless another team is disqualified in less time, Kenny & Wes are headed into the elimination round. The guys decide winning is the only option here.

In the end, the guy’s competition was really close. Evan & Nehemiah end up winning BUT it turns out they accidentally touched a third hammock and are disqualified. The boys get lucky this time around with Johnny & Tyler barely beating C.T. & Adam. All of the girls struggled big time in this challenge – Laurel & Cara Maria were the only team to make it across but don’t meet the limit, so there was no winner. But there was definitely a clear loser – Kenny & Wes must face the Jungle.

Even though I found the challenge to be boring, it was still extremely tough with six teams disqualified for various reasons: Katelyn refused to go, most of the girls fell and Kenny apparently lost his mojo.

Jungle – “Going Up”

The deliberation was pretty simple this week. Kenny & Wes didn’t want to face C.T. so Brandon & Ty were voted in. In true bromance form, Evan wore Kenny’s jersey to cheer him on.

The game was “Going Up” – each team started on opposite sides of the mud pit and had to run and jump onto their assigned rope, then climb to the top. Both teammates must ring their bell before someone from the opposing team does or it’s a tie. In the event of a tie, the top players from each team compete a second time one-on-one.

Brandon flies up the rope, beating everyone, but Wes comes in second so they have to compete again. Ty was pretty close behind Wes, but not close enough. And then Kenny didn’t stand a chance. Unfortunately Brandon’s gas tank ran out during the first round and got killed by Wes, sending Brandon & Ty packing. Kenny got lucky and owes Wes for carrying the team this week.


Surprisingly this week was pretty drama-free. The only real incident was as at the bar when the cast got some free time. As C.T. made pretty clear in the last episode he’s going to flirt with the girls and have some fun, and really get them on his side. Mandi was the first to fall for it, but let’s face it, I’d want to be his friend too. This week Laurel decides she wants some of the attention C.T. was throwing Mandi’s way. At the bar she decides to flirt, and pretty much throws herself at him, clearly trying to get him to kiss her. C.T. backs off and nothing actually happens, but Mandi sees the whole thing, gets annoyed and complains to Paula. Honestly, both girls are pretty gross, so I’m glad C.T. is just leaving it at flirting. He can clearly do better.

In the end, nothing really came of this other than a little jealousy and small talking behind people’s backs. No big deal. Should be interesting to see how things transpire over the next couple of episodes.

In more bromance news, C.T. so badly wants Adam to admit that they are getting along and can be friends… it’s kind of cute, actually, and so far from where they once were. Adam is skeptical, as he should be with their history, but I think he should just it. They are working so well together and C.T. is actually playing nice.


Neither of my favorites to win got the top spots this week, but I still stand by my picks of C.T. & Adam and Evelyn & Paula. I think Brandon & Ty’s loss really hurt C.T. & Adam’s chances because of “The Mob,” but I think the rest of the guys are scared and will come up with another bad plan to take down C.T. Just too bad their “friend” Adam gets stuck in the middle. Clearly they don’t consider you that good a friend Adam – should probably watch your back and stop fraternizing with the enemy! What do you guys think? Vote here for your favorites to win and comment below:



Next week looks to be another crazy one. How come all of the veteran rivals have managed to work together and almost become friends, yet Jonna and Jasmine haven’t figured it out yet? Obviously we don’t know what happens, but the scenes for next week show another fight between the two of them. I’m pretty sure Jasmine is a lunatic — not that Jonna is much better — but they need to grow up, get over it, and leave the house. I’m over their drama!


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