The Challenge: Rivals, Week 3

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

Challenge – “Sync or Swim”

Each team started in a container filled with 1,000 pounds of sand. In order to get to the next stage of the challenge, teammates must dump the sand, which will in turn make the container lighter and rise to the platform. Once on the platform, teammates must jump in sync with one another to grabthe zip line. The key here is that you absolutely cannot touch the zip line without simply jumping to it. Teams then took the zip line as far as possible, and then swim the rest of the way. The farther teams were able to go on the zip line, the less they would have to swim.

With the challenge, the girls faced elimination and the guys had $2,000 up for grabs. Since C.T. & Adam won last week, they got to determine the order. To make things interesting, they started with Jasmine & Jonna vs. Theresa & Camilla. If you remember from last week, these girls hate each other. And instead of focusing on winning, they threw the sand in each other’s containers. Nice work.

On a more serious note, Mike Mike had to go to the hospital after Leroy accidentally falls on top of him while they are jumping into the water. It was pretty scary for a second there… Mike Mike was coughing up blood, looked like he was in agony and mumbled/screamed to himself. Somehow he managed to swim the rest of the way and finish the challenge like a champ. In true bromance form, Mike Mike was getting into the ambulance and asked if Leroy could go with him… awwww how cute! Luckily Mike Mike turned out to be okay, just got hit really, really hard.

I sense a theme going on here – C.T. & Adam win amongst the guys and Evelyn & Paula win for the girls. Cara Maria & Laurel were disqualified for grabbing the zip line while still standing on the platform, and lost the challenge, which automatically sends them into elimination.

Jungle – “Door Jam”

The boys’ alliance tends to run the show and take over the game, and therefore the voting. This time around is no different. The boys happen to be friends with Theresa & Camilla so they decide that everyone should vote for Jasmine & Jonna. This decision was made without even consulting Evelyn & Paula who had other plans in mind, which was vote in Theresa & Camilla so at least one powerful team will go home. During the deliberation, the girls spoke up and got their wish.

Theresa & Camilla acted like the biggest cry babies when they were voted in. They were mad at their friends and very bitter… or so we thought. They made up this whole ploy where they would pretend like they were going to quit and not fight in the jungle, only to make Cara Maria & Laurel let their guard down. Ohh but it was only a hoax!

I also want to point out that I can’t stand any of these four girls. They forget that not that long ago they were fresh meat. One challenge doesn’t make you a veteran; try winning first, or at least being likable. So the fact that two of them will go home tonight is fantastic. It doesn’t even matter to me which team it is.

The game is “Door Jam.” There is a wall with 48 rotating doors with the rivals logo on them, 24 facing each team. Cara Maria & Laurel and Theresa & Camilla have five minutes to turn as many doors towards them as possible. The competition looks pretty close throughout the allotted time, but in the end Cara Maria & Laurel pull out the win.


The Challenge wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of drama. This season the guys are out to get C.T., but I agree with Mandy on this one – they are clearly threatened by how good he is. In the most recent challenges where C.T. hasn’t been competing, Kenny, Evan and Johnny Bananas take their alliance to the end. The three of them, along with Wes, have teamed up this time to take C.T. out of the game… if that’s possible.

Wes thought if he got inside C.T.’s head a little bit, he would throw him off his game. Wrong answer! Did C.T. get worked up when Wes started talking trash? Of course, but it definitely didn’t change his game. Wes even went as far as to throw C.T.’s mattress out the window. Talk about stirring the pot! At this point, I thought Wes was just trying to make a scene on purpose… until he revealed he was legitimately scared of having C.T. sleep in the same room as him… which I still don’t necessarily believe. Is someone trying to get more camera time, perhaps? And to take it a step further and get C.T. from all sides, Wes advises Mandy to stay away from C.T. because he’s trouble. She’s a big girl; I think she can handle it.

But the drama doesn’t stop there. The episode ends with Evan letting his alliance know that he and Nehemiah are going to throw the next challenge so they are automatically sent to the elimination round in the jungle. It is up to the rest of the teams to beat C.T. and Adam, and then vote them in. Evan seems pretty confident that he and Nehemiah are they only team that’s able to take C.T. down. Not sure if Nehemiah had a say here, but this should be interesting… personally, my vote is with C.T. Good luck, boys!


Based on performance week after week, my favorites to win haven’t changed – C.T. & Adam for the guys and Evelyn & Paula for the girls. Both teams seem to be unstoppable right now. Just have to wait and see what happens next week!


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