Are you up to the challenge?

Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

Before Survivor, The Bachelorette, and The Hills, there was The Real World. The show first aired on MTV almost 20 years ago and can be credited for launching reality TV as we know it today. At the time, “reality show” wasn’t a common term and no one, even the cast and crew, knew what to expect.

For the first couple of seasons, including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the show was all about real people trying to make something of themselves; they had real problems and faced real issues. There were arguments and disagreements, but at the same time, important conversations and topics were being covered. Today The Real World is known for entirely different things. The themes now are drinking, fighting and hookups. This often makes for interesting TV, but the show is no longer the thought-provoking original program it once was.

The Real World has had many spin-offs, including the now cancelled Road Rules and The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which brings me to last night’s premiere.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is a fun way to bring together cast members from the Real World and Road Rules to compete against one another. The latest season of The Challenge has a format we’ve never officially seen before: rivals. Throughout the seasons, there have been some HUGE rivalries, but I think that’s expected when you throw random strangers in a house mixing in alcohol and competition. This season will be crazier than ever because there’s a catch: not only are the most well-known rivals put together in this house, but cast members are teamed with their enemies and must work together in order to win.

The Challenge: Rivals Cast

Here is a rundown on some of the more well-known rivalries:

Adam & C.T. – their long history of hating one another started on their days in Paris (Season 13). There have been verbal and physically altercations in the past, which have sent one or both of them home.

Adam & Leroy – just the latest in a long line of rivals, Adam and Leroy were on the most recent season of Real World in Las Vegas. Adam’s reckless behavior eventually got him sent home, but Leroy was the only cast member who wouldn’t let him get away with it and made his opinions very vocal.

Aneesa & Robin – at this point they have hated each other for so long, I can’t even remember where it stems. And quite honestly, they probably can’t either.

Cara Maria & Laurel – Caria Maria isn’t the best competitor and last season rode the coattails of her guy at the time, Abram, to make it to the end. Laurel did not stand for it and did everything she could to get Cara Maria voted out of the challenge.

Kenny & Wes – this is probably one of the biggest rivalries in show history and can mostly be blamed on a girl. Wes was in a serious relationship with Johanna. They broke up. Kenny and Johanna hookup on the next challenge. Wes watches on TV and gets pissed. Wes and Kenny reunite on the next challenge and things get ugly.

The Rules

When players arrived in Costa Rica they were greeted by none other than T.J. Lavin himself. It was great to see him back in action after his horrific BMX accident. The castmates were thrilled as well as they consider T.J. family. Then of course, the rules were announced, and the excitement immediately changed to dread.

This season, as mentioned above, players are teamed with their biggest rivals and together they must win challenges. Jaws dropped. Shoulders tensed up. This went from awesome to not fun really quickly. But with money on the line, I’m pretty sure they’ll figure out how to make it work, and fast.

1st Place: $100,000

2nd Place: $50,000

3rd Place: NOTHING.


The first challenge seemed a little silly, but it was definitely harder than it looked. Partners were on a platform high in air above a waterfall, which in itself was difficult as most people on the show hate heights… add in the waterfall and this was trouble. The teammates then had to hold hands, run until they got to the red line, and jump as far as they can past the hash marks. The team that cleared the most hash marks won the challenge. This week the guys were fighting for $2,000; the girls were fighting to avoid elimination in the jungle.

After close competition and ties for the girls and guys, the rookies ended up coming with wins: Adam & Leroy won $2,000 and Jasmine & Jonna were safe from elimination.


The losing team is automatically sent to The Jungle for the elimination round. Evelyn & Paula were disqualified for stepping over the line, so they lost the first challenge and had to go up against the voted in Aneesa & Robin. With the all-veteran cast members, this could have gone either way.

The game was “Hands On” – teammates had to stand on opposite platforms and lean on each other for leverage as the platforms were slowly moved further apart. The first team to fall in the mud lost, this time it was Aneesa & Robin


Ty did what he does best – drank too much and got in people’s faces. Unfortunately, for Adam (Las Vegas), they crossed paths. And if anyone watched last season of the Real World, then you know how Adam handles these sort of things. A fight broke out, other cast members tried to separate the two, and poor dumb Adam threw the first and only punch, which means one thing – he got sent home. In the midst of all the fighting, innocent standerby Mandi got knocked to the floor and had her head slam into the concrete floor. After an examination by an EMS crew she ended up being ok, but definitely shaken up. Now with Adam being sent home, that leaves Leroy without a partner. Everyone was contemplating what was going to happen: does Leroy also have to go, does Leroy get a new partner, etc. Ultimately MTV sends in Mike Mike to take Adam’s place. I find this to be SO unfair. This is supposed to be a game of rivals, yet Leroy and Mike Mike have a bromance, they’re BFFs. I know Leroy doesn’t have any other rivals, but really MTV, this is the best you could do?


As of now my favorites to win are C.T. & Adam and Evelyn & Paula. Keep in mind this all depends on whether or not C.T. can stay out of trouble and Paula can step up her game.

Check back each week for a recap on the latest challenge, elimination in the jungle and the rest of the madness from South America. This season looks to be crazier than ever with LOTS of drama, fights and hookups, just what you would expect.


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